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  1. Oh dear ... really sad that Owlthekop. Condolences
  2. Most wednesday fans didn't buy stripes either. i like the all blue with white sleeves ... much prefer stripes though. wouldnt buy either as I'm 60 and a fat tw@!
  3. I agree. Strange you wouldn't encourage more sales with more competitive prices. I've had 2 corporate tickets in Dooleys this season...4k. The atmosphere has been killed with the lack of tables taken. I think Joe Palmer has to take some of the blame too...Not just the chairman. Won't give an inch.
  4. Hunt for me too. Thought both full backs had a decent game and Pudil looks more assured than Fox. Mention for Atdhe who did more in 15 mins than Fletcher did all game.
  5. Sad news R.I.P WMJ
  6. Yeah I watch the games..That's why I'm commenting. The tactics are much more negative than last season. You obviously see it differently.
  7. Come on mate .. errors aren't affecting the negative tactics that are being employed. This is down to Carlos and nobody else
  8. Spot on Hootie .. couldn't agree more Drab, boring football
  9. No - 60
  10. But they don't play at Millmoor now
  11. Bizarre OP based on tonights game ... had a decent game and always tracks back. Must have covered more ground than anybody else on the pitch. Far far worse than him tonight Get off his back FFS
  12. Looks like supporters will have to limbo under the sign once they reach the top of the steps
  13. Why oh why does Carlos insist on the negative starts? our midfield 4 always start the home games right on top of our back 4 ... then there's a massive gap up to the strikers and the opposition have loads of room to play. FFS sort it out Carlos as it's just so negative.
  14. He should have gone down at Forest when clean through..pushed in the back and stayed on his feet to try and score. Refs are in essence encouraging players to go down before they'll award a free kick. Same with Sterling for Man City when Walker did exactly the same.