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  1. Decent but can you imagine his attitude when Carlos doesn't pick him for the match day 18
  2. Yeah it's not perfect Guru and you have a point with Reach but I think we need to adapt a bit
  3. OK - I'm thinking summat like this. Wouldn't have to spend a fortune this summer as we have most of the ingredients already. Convert Lee to wing back (he's played full back before when younger and full of energy to get up and down the line). Similar with Reach who also has stamina but just needs to maybe brush up on his tackling (nesh sometimes). Wing backs are getting rave reviews around the country just now as more teams are playing this kind of system. Bring Hutch back into central defence and buy another commanding left footed centre back. Get Abdi fit and running and play Forestieri just behind the front 2. Then buy a beast of a box 2 box midfielder (Carlton Palmer type ) Would only really need to spend on 2 quality additions and the back up can come from what we already have in reserve. Wildsmith, Winnall, Loovens, Hunt, Sasso, Bannan, Fletcher. Think we may need a new head coach to implement it though as Carlos has gone all defensive for some reason and is not big on different formations.
  4. You do realise that what's typed on here makes absolutely zero difference to what happens on the pitch don't you? Head coach bottled it almost the entire season...Makes no difference what we post on here
  5. God knows how many millions spent on fees and wages and we still start the game with 10 that finished last season. Chansiri probably can't load the gun quick enough. Makes Sunday look like a reyt good idea to play like that ... No ambition whatsoever. Times up Carlos with these negative flipping tactics.
  6. They got any tickets
  7. OK guys - davetherave was first in the queue so it goes to him. I'll pop it in the post for you mate. Sorry East Sussex Owl
  8. That should read to anybody who IS interested! freebie of course
  9. Not using my car park pass for Hillsborough park for Fulham game. Using a cab as going straight on lash. Should also be able to use it for any potential home leg of play offs. Might suit somebody who struggles to walk too far. Fit people also eligible though I'll post it out to anybody that's not interested.
  10. Oh dear ... really sad that Owlthekop. Condolences
  11. Most wednesday fans didn't buy stripes either. i like the all blue with white sleeves ... much prefer stripes though. wouldnt buy either as I'm 60 and a fat tw@!
  12. I agree. Strange you wouldn't encourage more sales with more competitive prices. I've had 2 corporate tickets in Dooleys this season...4k. The atmosphere has been killed with the lack of tables taken. I think Joe Palmer has to take some of the blame too...Not just the chairman. Won't give an inch.
  13. Hunt for me too. Thought both full backs had a decent game and Pudil looks more assured than Fox. Mention for Atdhe who did more in 15 mins than Fletcher did all game.
  14. Sad news R.I.P WMJ
  15. Yeah I watch the games..That's why I'm commenting. The tactics are much more negative than last season. You obviously see it differently.