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  1. Excellent. Now let's crack on with winning the league next season.
  2. Would be a great appointment but totally unrealistic.
  3. 1 Ryan Giggs & Steve Mclaren 2. Nigel Pearson 3. Roland 4. Alan Pardew 5. Simon Grayson
  4. Keep Wildsmith and Dawson but make sure they go out on loan. Release the rest. Make Kean, Palmer, Mcgugan, Nuhui, Abdi available for transfer.
  5. He follows me on twitter. I've asked him.
  6. I've heard we've got Birmingham away first game.
  7. Should only play next season if good enough. Probably too much of a gamble next season and everyone would probably be better off if they went out on loan.
  8. Westwood and Lee will get a lot of attention this summer. Forestieri going no where, he's had a bang average season and his value would have decreased significantly. I reckon with FFP there might have to be some unpopular sales. If there are I hope there done early and not at the end of the window.
  9. My main gripe is the transfer business we've completed since the end of last season. It's been nothing short of a disaster. Out of the starting 11 only Fletcher wasn't at the club last season, we've spent loads and not improved the starting 11 what so ever. At at the end of last season we needed a commanding centre half an improvement at Full back and desperate for some pace on the Wing and through the middle. We're still desperate for the exact same players as we were 12 months ago. So unbelievably one paced all over the squad.
  10. It's going to be Pardew if Carlos goes. Nailed on. Not my first choice but he's got an ok record.
  11. Print it again?
  12. Would you rate him as a good, ok or poor signing?
  13. Damn was sure it was double r. Sos
  14. Same ere m8.
  15. Cheers bruv