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  1. Yeah confirmed Watford
  2. Think they've committed to giving at least 5 weeks notice. I reckon they'll announce the first batch of games in early July.
  3. Derby are the value next season.
  4. Wolves away
  5. No rumours or anything on twitter. Where's he supposed to be going?
  6. Ajax at home is my guess.
  7. Would walk to straight into our starting 11.
  8. To be fair he didn't do bad. Apart from Hudds obvs
  9. Bannan is very good but has a price. I'd say 4-5 million would be a decent return. We've got to have half an eye on FFP this season don't forget.
  10. If he's available and at a reasonable price i.e. Under 5 million we've got to be interested. He's the exact player we've needed for 2 years. A pacey winger with an eye for goal. My only worry would be him been wasted here with how narrow we always play.
  11. Would love to see us send a first team down to Sheffield Club for our first pre season game.
  12. Excellent. Now let's crack on with winning the league next season.
  13. Would be a great appointment but totally unrealistic.
  14. 1 Ryan Giggs & Steve Mclaren 2. Nigel Pearson 3. Roland 4. Alan Pardew 5. Simon Grayson
  15. Keep Wildsmith and Dawson but make sure they go out on loan. Release the rest. Make Kean, Palmer, Mcgugan, Nuhui, Abdi available for transfer.