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  1. 48 seats
  2. Tedious. You went missing for ages and wouldn't respond to posts until you started winning again. Spineless
  3. He's been a great servant to the club. Captained the club and played in every position in one season. So whatever position he was given he applied himself and never grumbled You won't see that from a lot of players. He has stayed on and has served us well as a coach. I wouldnt apply the term legend but no issue with others doing it
  4. Amazing you come on here and talk about football when you are doing well. You hid like a coward for months, so your opinion is void.
  5. why the feck do they not get bottom tier. they did in 2009?
  6. Absolutely bonkers. How can they justify having such a reduced allocation. I've said it before- SYP and SAG need to be taken to court for this with prosecution sought. A few hundred maybe, but it will be an empty stand soon. Will look good on tv!
  7. Yes 31
  8. The people who make these decisions should be in jail.
  9. Talk about a sore loser.
  10. I'm here now as usual Showing my face unlike you when we win. You are so happy we lost its sickening. You would rather he proved right than see us win.
  11. You were gloating all game. At no stage did you want a win.
  12. I'm here. Finished celebrating our defeat?
  13. How can people judge this without watching the game?