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  1. Lack of Carlos out threads from the attention seekers recently. And don't worry if we lose to Brighton Rowett will get a mention
  2. It's probably Jon the Owl
  3. It's pretty easy to see why. We over state our attendances on a constant basis. We think we are a big club despite winning one trophy since 1935. We call nearly every other club tinpot. If we accepted we are a medium sized club then people might like us more We have a lot of arrogant and delusional fans
  4. You said we were finished last week when Lee got injured.
  5. I disagree
  6. Look We ended up winning 2-0 against a promotion challenger. We got there in the end. Wait until the end before passing judgement or a game. Or try and make a name for yourself on a forum by consistently being snide I know what I would do.
  7. See what happens when you start a thread like this at half time. You look like an idiot
  8. Doesn't matter what your view on Carlos is You can't predict the playoffs
  9. Some Barnsley fans on Twitter saying he will be on bench for the season
  10. You saying we are bigger than Villa?
  11. £25 is reasonable. So because its on Sky they should let you in for free?
  12. You sound like a Dingle there. We have got a bargain here by all accounts and there is no reason he won't do well. Give him a chance at least
  13. If you watch short highlights of game on you tube you see the miss
  14. I wouldn't get too excited. If CC didn't like Nuhiu he would have been frozen out a long time ago. Unlucky.
  15. You completely missed my point.