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  1. You are still Scottish
  2. Thats a pretty dumb comment even by your standards
  3. I can go to countless places in Belfast if I want to be a bigot like you. Will save me the money.
  4. So I'm a bigot for pointing out my objections? Do you sing about the Sash with add ons, The Billy Boys and King Billy being on the walls at matches ? I just find it hard to believe only a minority are bigots, seems like self denial
  5. How is thousands of fans singing bigoted nonsense great?
  6. Dead on.
  7. Yes they do And I think its a poo fixture and that's my opinion. So you think I should complain to the club like a lunatic? Would a strongly worded letter do?
  8. I'm simply giving my opinion on Rangers and their bigoted fans. While so many of our fans indulge in a love fest and are in awe of them Why the hell would I complain to the club
  9. Thousands of grown men proudly singing about being up to their necks in Fenian blood Must inspire any catholic players
  10. Well theres one The Rangers fan who doesn't mind that name... And minority of idiots? Get your head out of the sand Like your ugly sister your existence is entrenched in bigotry. It is based on religious hatred and this leads to the continuation of sectarian mindsets in Northern Ireland and Scotland I see all the time the consequences of your so called club If you don't support Rangers then you're a catholic and vice versa. Neither club does anything but encourage that stereotype which leads to people getting kickings Your fans songbook is disgusting and in 2017 you proudly belt it out But yeah WATP and all that Your scum club isn't welcome in my eyes and the same for Celtic Lets hope you go bust again
  11. Cause hearing a bunch of bigots belt out their knuckle dragging songs isn't attractive? Because The Rangers aren't very good?
  12. Bigot Scum travelled to Manchester without tickets Sang their vile songs Couldn't handle their beer so wrecked the city why should they be allowed to travel ? They aren't welcome and neither are Celtic
  13. So you refuse to come to home games You get a chance to sing party tunes and hating Catholics and you crawl back Shameful
  14. So called fans like Kivo would love this they could use it to fuel their hatred of our owner
  15. Hi Josh Glad to see you don't fall for all this love in nonsense