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  1. I'm guessing half the league is too tinpot for a team out of it for 17 years. Surely the point of a team is to progress and aim to be the best. Aiming to stay in 2nd division is a laughable concept.
  2. I've seen a complete lack of service. Best days are behind him?
  3. A pre season and a change of tactics and we have a provern goal scorer. Would be madness to get rid of him.
  4. Where were you during 6 game winning streak. Hiding
  5. We aren't in the final yet. They will bring plenty of day trippers like we do for any final
  6. Its well known hes a pig
  7. You just want him to fail. Disgusting
  8. Yet you feel the need to comment on them all. If you don't like it don't post in it
  9. Why do you even bother. You genuinely sound like you want us to lose.
  10. It's been killing you we have been doing well. Don't worry you can gloat tomorrow if we lose He made a lot of correct decisions to win 6 in a row
  11. As if you have a girlfriend
  12. Free? That's genius. .
  13. For the 100th time How much should Wednesdayite charge
  14. And as you were told All of it