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  1. Go back to crude jokes?
  2. Good to see I have been proven right. Bunch of cowards who are nowhere to be seen when we win
  3. You don't have a clue
  4. I don't want to sack him
  5. Alan Irvine managed in the Premier League
  6. Rowett? Show's how little the Carlos Our brigade know about football. If you are sacking someone have a good replacement
  7. Ok.. And replace him with. Would be a boost to our rivals for us to sack carlos at this stage. Review at end of season if you must
  8. Do you want playoffs?
  9. Very poor today. Offered nothing all game and should have been taken off. I'm not sure what Carlos sees in him
  10. The same Reach who people wanted to start over FF a few games ago?
  11. I had a nagging fear he wouldn't start banging the goals in straightaway. Mixture of lack of game time and at times poor service. However don't think it will take much longer for him to get going. I reckon he will nab one on Saturday though.
  12. Ok. Looking forward to some positive posts every time we win. Cause I never see you pop up after a win and be positive
  13. Plenty on here are in my opinion.
  14. Bet you are delighted you lost.
  15. There was plenty of complaining about a small allocation for Forest game.