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  1. All the play off matches are on Sky so will be available everywhere.
  2. I wonder what's on the floor between those three older chaps?
  3. You need your eyes testing.
  4. Still looks in decent enough shape to me. We should have sold him on by now. He's never going to get in our squad again.
  5. Well done to all concerned. Great achievement.
  6. I could have helped you here but I've only got 51 spare. Sorry about that.
  7. It's etc not ect FFS! I'm never going to a match again until you sort that out.
  8. "Gi us a kiss Bazza"
  9. Did anybody else spot the photographer at the front of the kop towards Tango corner? He had a proper builders arse going on. Made it worse that he was sat in a tiny chair with a big gap so everybody could see it ffs! I couldn't stop looking even though it made me feel sick
  10. Half the crowd are still making their way to their seats or still eating pies anyway.
  11. It doesn't kill the atmosphere though does it?
  12. Erm, what about body revolution?
  13. Neville didn't suggest that. He said he'd heard rumours some teams had looked into having southern training bases. He said it would be absurd if it happened.