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  1. Owlstalk day out to watch one of their matches then next season. I'll sort the tickets.
  2. Replace the poles with twin towers of multi award winning pork pies and then people could eat parts of them to enable the views to become unrestricted.
  3. I'm working but will record it to watch later. Unless it sounds like a rubbish game.
  4. He needs to stay. Just so we can see which coat he buys next.
  5. Yeah I can only think we're not allowed to sell those now due to SAG. We sold every single seat on the Kop for the Wycombe game if I remember rightly.
  6. Pretty sure that's to do with the problems of people blocking gangways in that part of the ground. Lots of restricted view seats empty around me on the Kop. Usually for sold out games we sell those.
  7. What are your views on Moyes? Do you want him to go?
  8. Hopefully he gets more starts for us next season.
  9. We're going to segregate the netting with a few rows of fans.
  10. Everybody bring a yellow rubber duck and then we can wave them around instead of doing that light thing on the phones.
  11. UTO DANS 

    1. dan27



  12. Hi Kevin, Hi Andy, I'm Dan.
  13. Surely if they have bought the seat first it's still first come first seat.
  14. A free sausage sandwich for all season ticket holders from The Sausage Cottage.
  15. Friends and family. When buying tickets they show up so you can assign a ticket to each friend and family you have linked to your account. As Andy says, they wont show up if the window wont let them purchase tickets yet.