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  1. I don't want to see them going for a wee.
  2. Or they could make the eyes blink at random times with quite lengthy gaps in between so people see them blink but don't believe their own eyes and stand there staring at them waiting for it to happen again and then they see the massive eyes blink again and then they tell their mate George that the eyes blink and he doesn't believe them and calls them a stupid drunk idiot but then he stands and stares at them too waiting to see if they blink. Could be good fun.
  3. So much of top level sport is about the mental side of things.
  4. It's a bit rubbish that the Championship final is on the Monday this season.
  5. Yeah you would be best leaving early and getting the tram back.
  6. What exactly has McGugan shown the last few times he's played?
  7. He's the first name on the team sheet for me when fit. It's the players around him that need tweaking at times.
  8. Thanks.
  9. All day I've kept talking to myself about Katy Perry and Rita Ora. Hoping for that threesome dream to happen tonight.
  10. I win that every year. There are some benefits of not having any friends to turn up to your birthday party.
  11. They're in there because they deserve to be. They got promoted, that's how it works and how it should always work. Going on past success or size of fan base would be idiotic. Fans want to see their team playing against the best teams in the highest league.
  12. You should balance it out by telling the English players to stay in England and eat some crumpets.
  13. "Oi! Fletcher! Why does it look like you've used a tail to comb your hair?"
  14. I always worry about his lovely, dreamy face when he's playing CB. Please, nobody hurt his lovely, dreamy face. We don't want him to end up looking like Tony Adams.
  15. Hoolies will end up buying these and happy slapping all of the rival firms.