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  1. Where's big Jack when you need him
  2. Always amuses me when people vote for man of the match when they haven't been ...Bannon for me
  3. Both world wars happened before we were born.......thank god we and future generations "remember" events that happened
  4. I don't think there has to be a connection to sheffield wednesday f.c but how can anyone have any objection to a group of people/fans of a club remembering a terrible tragedy and paying their respects in their own way. I obviously can't speak for the families devastated by the tragedy but I'd certainley be touched with the thought that 50 years on people with no connection to the town would remember and pay their respects
  5. Tired is working 6, 12 hour shifts a week in a melting shop to pay the mortgage and bring 2 kids up for a half decent living ....I know, I've done it.......I'm loving what we're building as a club....but please don't use tired as an excuse for losing a match