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  1. Gary sinclair is also the owner of Maggie Mays in town.
  2. Can't stand Leeds, but fair post from JV.
  3. It's our squad, we can utilise it however we like. Slippery slope if the league starts dictating how many changes you can make or who is good enough to be playing.
  4. That would be wee wee funny
  5. Carlos ain't daft. If he thought KL was un-workable he'd have put a make shift midfield in there. Let's see what happens.
  6. They're miles off the play offs for a reason. We've nothing to fear today.
  7. Any news on Fessi?
  8. Hope he isn't being rushed back. I don't think carlos was play him if he was that worried. The FF situation has shown that he is usually very cautious when it comes to injuries .
  9. Thebizzle is never wrong. Hope Carlos isn't rushing him back though.
  10. Sun shining in sheffield. Anything better than football in April?
  11. It's a fair point, but their team has demonstrated over the season that they don't perform to their potential. I think they will be on the beach today.
  12. Yeah you will be able to
  13. I wouldn't put it past the SAG.
  14. roger off to the SAG roger off to the SAG