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  1. I like how you've totally ignored his achievements with Reading, Newcastle and Palace. You should work for the Tories.
  2. He's a better track record than Carlos.
  3. Another player Carlos has ruined. Was the league's in form striker when he joined. Scores a few goals and Carlos inexplicably drops him.
  4. Got to go. We need a fresh pair of eyes in there. The football this season has been diabolical and Carlos simply can't get us over the line. D.C would be very brave to give him more money .
  5. He's never been a winger in a month of sundays. Can't believe Carlos can't see this.
  6. Was absolutely packed under the south last night. All created because we simply can't mingle with the nasty Huddersfield fans. The SAG don't know their arse from their elbow.
  7. Spot on. He's got to go.
  8. He's ruining players. Rhodes, Winnall, Abdi all turned to bobbar as soon as they get to us, simply because of Carlos's crap approach. Hopefully he will fall on his sword after tonight.
  9. Shame we won't have the full kop look tonight. flipping SAG.
  10. I'm assuming Bannan on the wing? Hmmm would prefer FF there.
  11. Where on earth are the 7,000 empty seats?
  12. Simple answer is no. And the thought of blowing our golden chance is making me all the more nervous.
  13. Be a cold day in hell when Carlos drops Bannan.
  14. God we were awful that night. Knew Gray bottled it big time.