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  1. The people who are happy for us to ditch the stripes are doing so because they are scared of upsetting the chairman. Simple as.
  2. I think after last season expectations will have been lowered somewhat, and we can get back to the positive atmosphere we had in carlos's first year.
  3. To be fair, the club isn't going to please everyone. As a club we are quite blessed with an excellent alumni of players. It was inevitable that some big names were going to miss out.
  4. Didn't Rita Nettleship have that role for a while in the 70's?
  5. I suspect so. The current line up is as it should be, with the exception of Des Walker.
  6. Still think we're failing to address the lack of a physical presence in midfield.
  7. Thank god.
  8. Bullen a club legend Nice guy, but come on. He would stand out a million miles alongside the others.
  9. It is getting a little embarrassing that we're yet to get a home friendly arranged.
  10. That's not the case. They don't sell any tickets on the day. They're snapped up by members. They also have nearer 60,000 ST holders.
  11. I can remember the blades fans getting some of the north stand around 2001. Unthinkable now.
  12. Superstitious nonsense. But it's his call sadly.
  13. They didn't seem to do Huddersfield, Brighton or Newcastle much harm!