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  1. I think we underestimate how difficult it is to bring in quality players. Plenty of competition from other clubs, player agents touting players around, obscene wages etc.
  2. Oh Forrestieri.
  3. Can't see a problem with this. If Wallace has a good season he should be rewarded with a new contract. No point renewing it now as it's very unlikely another club will pinch him from us at the end of the year, and it should keep Wallace hungry.
  4. Loovens had ankle surgery prior to the start of last season and was out for a number of months. I think if he had been fit he would have started at centre half before Hutch.
  5. No way. Irvine had a break out year last season, but I don't really rate him and think we should be aiming higher.
  6. Don't like hypotheticals. We lost let's move on and concentrate on who we need to beat in our league so we can achieve promotion in our own right!
  7. Don't "expect" him to be good but "hope" he can re-capture the form he has shown throughout his career.
  8. Love the guy but time to move him on and let him finish out his career with another club. In the future would love him back in a coaching capacity.
  9. Bannan's been a key player for us over the past two seasons. I wouldn't like to lose him but if the price is right I think we've get sufficient coverage in the current squad.
  10. The ox is slow but the earth is patient.
  11. Think he'll be plying his trade back in Portugal next season. Had a promising start but just didn't kick on. If he does move on hopefully we don't regret it in the future.
  12. Show me the money!
  13. Limited game time; apart from a wonder goal against Leeds Matias has been rubbish. Although Reach hasn't set the world on fire in his first season, he has played over 40 games and done a good job most of the time either at LB, LM or LW. Give me Reach every day of the week.
  14. Arguably the best player we have. For those wanting to get rid you've got rocks in your head!
  15. The better available players will be biding their time looking for the best offers, but it would be great to get our business done early. That said remember when we were skint and got our business done early signing Purse, Miller... the cream of the crop :)