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  1. Avoid tuna quota's?
  2. Weight Watchers out there as well?
  3. Simonsen has a better scoring record!
  4. Lol! They are queuing up for a bargain.
  5. Too right! Rubbish being bald
  6. More injuries than FJ9, Sinton and Hinchcliffe put together
  7. We normally turn players crap. In this instance he turned to god!
  8. Seem to recall Des Walker being a more prolific goal scorer
  9. Samaratans?
  10. Rotherham should be in the market!
  11. Be a bit pee'd if we got rid of Winnall - his dual act with Rhodes against Brum at home should have been a reminder to Carlos that playing two wide men and tow decent forwards can equal goals.
  12. This!^^^
  13. Like a Thai Donald Trump
  14. Almost like one of those hostage proof of life videos. I am here and I still exist. Didn't realise he was 30-hope he comes good next season
  15. Sinton was a proper mincer