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  1. I think Wallace may get it. He's been fit and consistent throughout the season. Kieran Lee was the standout player until end of October. Hutchinson was unbelievable in November and December. Tom Lees has played well in the second half of the season but was inconsistent in the first half. Westwood has been generally good and dependable but has made quite a lot of mistakes.
  2. Kameron, you are making yourself look silly here. He's an exceptional footballer is Kieran Lee - very talented and a model professional. Listen to the response of the crowd yesterday when it was confirmed he way playing! Lets get behind all players at this crucial part of the season!
  3. I agree with this. He can be having a carp game but he never hides from the ball, he's always available. He has a very positive attitude. His work rate is absolutely phenomenal and you can see he is a Carlos type of player. Not sure he he is worth £5million tho, but I sure hope he proves me wrong.
  4. Exactly what I was thinking
  5. Ive been one of those who has criticised him this season - I think he has made a lot of mistakes with our style of play, systems and tactics during the course of the season. However, no one can doubt what a top bloke he is. Like everyone is saying, he is a classy individual and is a great ambassador for our football club. If he can get us promoted and learn from his mistakes next season, it will be a win win situation for us. As a person, I really like Carlos and I like listening to his interviews.
  6. Some of this constant Bannan bashing is embarrassing and disrespectful. Granted, he's not been as good as last season but he has still played well in a lot of games. I would suggest he is better in a midfield 3 with a defensive player behind him, i.e. Hutch. This year he is largely been in a midfield 2 with Hutch in there and he has invariably been playing as a third centre back giving him way too much to do in the middle. In addition, with the likes of Hooper, Lee and Hooper been missing, he has not had the players who provide the movement for him to spray his passing about. We have also adopted a more pragmatic approach which has not helped him either.
  7. 2 great strikers those 2 - not sure they'd compliment each other up front as they are both lefties!
  8. But we all know on OT you want to play 2 strikers up top with FF on the left and another winger on the right. Maybe having Jones and Hutch in there would shore up the middle allowing the others licence to attack. Not saying Hutch and Jones is the best combo in the middle but I would be inclined to give it a go if the other 4 players in the team were attackers. I am worried that we may be too open if we played 2 strikers up front with FF on the left against a good team. I think we could get picked off. Even more so with a Lee or Bannan in the middle.
  9. I'm generally alright - I prefer being at the games rather than not going. Weirdly, you seem to have more control over your emotions. The Palace home game in 2010 was easily the most nervous I've been - there was some serious tension in the ground on that day! Brighton away was bad but that was more down to the fact we were getting seriously battered in the first half - I spent the majority of time hiding behind the sofa.
  10. Weak minded ref who lost control over time wasting and petulant fouls. We did very well to win the game today in my opinion.
  11. Never want to leave Hillsborough! Brilliant atmosphere in there today - the crowd won the game in my opinion. There is no other place i'd rather be when it's like that!
  12. Jack Hunt has been very good over the last 2 months. His upturn in form seemed to come on the back of that brilliant cross for Sam Winnall against Birmingham. Very good news for us as right back has been a problem area for a while.
  13. We deserved to win the game, simple as that! They were lucky to be 0-0 going into half time. I thought Shelvey was brilliant for them but the rest of the team looked lethargic and didn't turn up.
  14. I think we will win this 1-0 However, I'd personally use this game as a means to go all out and attack and try and build some confidence for the forthcoming games. We need to trust ourselves that we are better than them and ultimately win the game.
  15. Bang on!