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  1. If we get our poo sorted early, i.e. decision on who will be our manager, new playing strategy to get the best out of our players together with sorting our player recruitment and releasing of players, I don't see any reason why we cannot challenge for the top 2. I am expecting this in all fairness. I am not fearing any of the relegated teams. I also understand that they will have the parachute money and we may be restricted to what we can do with FFP but all 3 clubs are in a bit of mess. Boro are the best run club but they have a big rebuilding job on their hands.
  2. It's a heart wrencher, is this one! We all love Carlos - cool, charismatic, charming, suave, intelligent. Just don't think he will get us promoted. I think this was his chance this season! Personally, I think he will go back to Portugal and that will be that. I just hope we make the right appointment who we all like and get the best out of our players. The system needs changing - whether it's 3-5-2, 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, I don't know.
  3. Never a wrong time for a good bat out!
  4. Still absolutely wounded!
  5. End of the day, there is no better way to get promoted. But if you lose in them, like we did last night, you are left emotionally drained. Woke up absolutely wounded this morning.
  6. Excellent statement and good to hear after such an emotionally draining night. Whilst I had confidence he was in it for the longer term, it is good to hear his ambitions remain to return us to the Premier League. I have no doubt that our Chairman will guide us to the premier league and I have a feeling it will be next season. Nothing to fear from the teams relegated from the Premier - they are all in disarray.
  7. New manager in first who will assess the squad and will then pick a system and brand of football to compliment the players at our disposal. Then we will need to decide who goes and who we will bring in. Regardless on which system we choose, a top class left sided centre back must be on the top of the agenda.
  8. I'm comfortable that Hunt and Reach are both perfect the wing back role. Both extremely fit and like to go forward.
  9. Your wing backs are generally the fittest players at your club as they will constantly be running up and down the line for 90 minutes and Reach has got that in him. He needs to improve his tackling but when you have got a back 3 he won't be doing a load of defending, his main job will be supporting the attacks and keeping width. I can't class him as a winger as he can't beat a man and put a cross in. His best attributes are workrate and team work.
  10. I think it's definitely worth a look. The main players to benefit from this would be Sam Hutchinson as he would play the middle of the 3 and he would be the player to bring the ball out of the back and make long diagonal passes. I think you would get the best out of Adam Reach as he would play his preferred position of left wing back. Ross Wallace would miss out on a place. With this formation, the wing backs would provide the width, we are likely to get 3 players in midfield which I think we need and we still have 2 strikers up top which we need given we have 6 on our books.
  11. Ive been thinking this system could be worth a shot over the last few weeks. Probably more 3-4-1-2. It suits us. Hutchinson would be in the middle of our back 3 and we would need to recruit a left sided centre half. Hunt can play right wing back. The system allows us to play 2 strikers and either FF or Abdi behind the 2. Im not sure we are a 4-4-2 side. We haven't the pace on the wings to make this work.
  12. He looks like a left wing back to me and suited in a 3-5-2 system. One thing he has got is unbelievable fitness and he would be able to play that role brilliantly. Just doesn't do it for me as an out and out winger. Carlos likes him as Carlos likes a boring pragmatic style of football and players who stick to orders. Reach will do this. That's why you haven't seen McManaman in the team!
  13. I agree with this. You would play him in the middle of the 3 as he will be the one to come out of the defence with the ball and also to rake those long diagonal balls. You've also got to start wondering whether we could be more suited to playing 3 at the back with Hunt and Reach as wing backs. I don't like how we play with our current wing options as it is too slow and narrow. Hunt and Reach are extremely fit players and would be able to play the wingback role perfectly. It would also allow us to play 2 strikers and maybe FF in a free role. 3-5-2 probably suits the players more than what we are doing at the moment which is a pragmatic 4-4-2.
  14. Excellent post. I had Bannan MOM with Hunt second. Hunt's form over the last 2/3 months has been brilliant and huge credit to him for stepping up to take a spot kick.
  15. Westwood - 7 Hunt - 7 Lees - 7 Loovens - 7 Pudil - 5 Lee - 6 Hutch - 6 Bannan - 8 Reach - 6 Fletcher - 6 FF - 6