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  1. The silence is deafening! You have to wonder whether we will have a new kit to play in at Preston.
  2. Absolutely, I've been articulating this for 18 months or so. The Boyd signing coupled with the amount of centre forwards we have would suggest we are going 4-4-2. I would also suggest 4-3-3 would suit FF as he would play on the left of a front 3. When you look at our squad and the recruitment over the last 18 months you have got to wonder whether this has been well thought out.
  3. Agree with you completely on this subject. I don't know what it is with Owlstalk and their obsession with Bannan being over-rated and we should get rid. Prior to his sending off against Forest away (the season before last), he was absolutely sensational. I mean, I thought we were going to have a new hero in the mould of John Sheridan playing in the middle of the park. Whilst he didn't play as well as last season, I don't think he was bad as some people were making out on here. I saw him have a lot of very good games like the second leg of the playoff semi when he run himself in the ground. I actually think his overall performances suffered on the back of a more pragmatic approach from our manager and also the most part of last season, he was partnering Hutch in the middle and invariably he was playing that deep, he was given too much to do in the middle. Barry Bannan is a very good player who always gives his all for the club. He never bottles it and is always available for the ball. He also took a penalty in the shoot out and scored under pressure.
  4. Agreed. This would be a pointless signing. We have plenty of that type of player in our midfield. If we were to strengthen in the midfield, I would rather get a defensive physical player in. However, given we are likely to play 4-4-2, I think it's pretty pointless strengthening that department. Surely the next signing has got to be a left sided centre half. Forget about signing 2 centre halves, just get 1 top quality player who will be the long term partner for Lees. If Lees gets injured, Sam Hutch can step in for him.
  5. Completely ridiculous
  6. The change of fixtures, especially the Barnsley games to an early kick off is ridiculous. Coupled with the over segregation between fans at Hillsborough, again farcical, you would think we would have the most violent fans in the Country. SAG and SYP are a complete embarrassment.
  7. Darryl Lachman for obvious reasons....
  8. Hooper looks in top shape - lost weight in his face as well. We need him fit and firing - I think he can be our most important player this season. I really rate him. If we play 4-4-2, he has to play in the number 10 role.
  9. Pretty much agree with all of that!
  10. Kyle Bartley would be my preference. Only doubt is that he played on the right of Leeds' centre half pairing last year. Does anyone know, whether he has played on the left hand side of the centre of defence? I thought he was excellent last season, good in the air, powerful, good leadership skills and he has some pace. Exactly what we need.
  11. I agree with this. I see this happening in most away games. Even Carlos played Lee, Bannan and Hutch against Huddersfield in the play off second leg as he was worried about losing the midfield battle. I do wonder whether Carlos will play Adam Reach left back? I think his best position is left wing back but I wonder whether Carlos is tempted in playing him as an attacking left back given us a different attacking outlet from deep with Bannan in front of him who would cover him.
  12. Its pi55 poor to be honest. The club have no defence here. It's been like this for years and we don't learn our lessons. We appear to be so disorganised at the moment and we haven't got a handle on our 150th anniversary celebrations. Kits, marquee friendly, other events should have been sorted a long time ago.
  13. If we are going with 4-4-2, I wonder whether we play Hutch and Lee in the centre and Bannan left midfield and possibly Reach left back. Reach can provide the width and Bannan could drop in if he makes forward runs. I personally feel we need Hutch or a defensive midfielder in there as we are a bit soft as a team. I can't get excited with Lee and Bannan in the middle - we will get overrun and out-muscled in certain games.
  14. If we played a midfield 3 in a different formation, it would suit all the above 3 players and they would thrive.
  15. You look through this thread and everybody has a different opinion on the team and the formation. And there lies the problem. Carlos doesn't know his best team, we don't know our best team and our midfield balance is wrong. It looks like it's going to be 4-4-2 again but I really don't think it suits us. Hope to be proved wrong!