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  1. Well if that's the case then those booing fans seem to have forgot very quickly the progress this club has made over the last 18 months to turn on it like that. I am sure DC wouldn't welcome it either, we have to get behind them and not be so overly critical after a couple of bad performances!
  2. What does booing achieve?
  3. Chansiri was in Ban Thai tonight on London Road with his entourage, on his phone all the time, hopefully speaking to Carlos up the road at Nonna's conjuring up their next immense transfer coup..
  4. Had the club announced these when the advanced/early bird STs went on sale, I think they would have many more ST holders than they have now. Missed opportunity by the club..
  5. Disappointing, they should announce them now so people have all the info to make an informed decision about whether to go for membership or an ST.
  6. Nice gesture from the Chairman. It would be good if the club released details of what next years membership deal and POTG pricing looks like at the same time so fans who are debating over whether to get ST or membership (like me as I can't get to all games (about 15 or so) so it will come down to which works out best financially) is best for them.
  7. Phenomenal performance Westwood!
  8. I thought Sidwell was labouring in the first half and thought he would be subbed when the first two Brighton players were so not suprised when he went off in the second half.