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  1. Sorry Andy I've no idea.. Sure we walked it to ground from there though!
  2. Went in Walkabout last time I was down there.. Was full of Wednesday fans outside.. Recall a bizarre milk incident!?! Reckon we'll probably head back there again.
  3. Booked ours today.. St Pancras £45, didn't even consider that Sky might mess about with kick off time! gonna be an early start.. Think we're booked on the 07:30
  4. On Friday commentator mentioned something about addons taking up around £2m mark.
  5. I do hope so.. Just need him to score a second and win me £50
  6. Might have a quid on it myself!
  7. None of our players were anywhere near a 7
  8. Home for a reasonable time.. 'Bout it!
  9. Sound
  10. Does anyone know how many tickets are likely to be available on the gate?
  11. Bang out of order! It's gotta be a kid surely?
  12. Will be getting there about 2.. Presume we'll be heading in to town centre and slowly making our way towards the ground.
  13. Newcastle winning at HT, Wednesday FT.. 40/1 Realistically a point would be a good result.. Struggled to call our results all season tbh so who knows!
  14. 26,510
  15. Was struggling to find anything that worked on my firestick but this did the trick! Cheers buddy!