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  1. Mind The Gap!
  2. I have returned 2 of mine this afternoon. I asked the question via twitter to SWFC tickets and they asked me to DM them and advise the ID numbers and they said they would refund and release the tickets.
  3. At the risk of being slated by all who hate the contrived, here is something slightly different (albeit on iPhone - but Android users should find something similar). Download "Magic Lights" free app. Edit the "flashlight" and choose the first light as blue or white - you do this by moving your finger over the palette of colour to resemble white or Wednesday blue. Then add "+" the other colour not already chosen. Then change the time to "1.0" seconds on the slider and make sure you switch the LED light to "off". "Saturation" should be at max. Then press "play". Once set up, easy to get it going. Reckon it would look the hollocks. If nothing else, you can have a Wednesday themed disco light, indoors! Enjoy
  4. If the e-mail has still to be sent, then add me to your list. Sit on 4th row of North and therefore being relatively "open", was still too loud. As others have indicated, the Yorkshire Tea advert has been way too loud all season.
  5. Come on Barry, keep in time with me!
  6. On reflection, me putting Rhodes to start, is not likely, nor wise. However, having waited so long for him to come, I just couldn't leave him out!
  7. Clearly, Carlos needs to assess who the best pairing is. This will also vary, depending on who we play. However, in playing Wigan, we can afford to put the big guns up front and see what happens and change if necessary. Hoops should, IMO, start on the bench - he takes longer than most to get back to match fitness - not a criticism, but reality. Jones to fill in behind Fessi and Macca, as necessary. Abdi might be a game too soon, but I just want him to play and play there! Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Fox Jones Macca Fessi Abdi Winnall Rhodes
  8. Skybet odds have shortened overnight from 8/11 to 4/9 with Villa going out to 5/1......
  9. Just been scouring the internet and found this from a "Getting personal with Jordan Rhodes" article at Blackburn, back in 2014. Well, every little helps! What team(s) do you support outside of football? None really. I don’t even support any other football teams. It was just always where my dad was at the time. I probably look for Sheffield Wednesday’s results after ours, but other than that there’s none really.
  10. No more unrest than what FF has caused. BB's comments re 2 games in 3 days underline this. I have resisted from commenting on FF this season, partly through not being one to take centre stage and not wanting to be on the receiving end of the vitriol that I have read on too many postings thus far. Re JR, my view is we should do whatever is possible to get him. Whether he fits in a system or not, is for me irrelevant. People have been bought to fit in "systems" which have not worked. We have been woeful in putting the ball in the net, end of. This guy can do it and I cannot think of another who gives us a better chance of turning that around, at this level. For those crying out for central defender/left back/right back, yes, I get it, but conceding goals is not a problem that is anywhere close to equalling the major problem today that is scoring them. I have been to every home game and watched FF, more than any other player on the pitch, trying to understand where he is in his head/attitude and capability/willingness to deliver for SWFC. Other than games on Sky, I have seen somebody who I can only assume does not want to be here, when compared to what I saw last year. It is his body language, effort and seemingly inability/choosing to recreate the magic that he was so capable of last season. With my eyes, I have seen opportunities for him to turn a defender inside from the left and shoot with a curling shot/goal scoring pass, to be a choice(?) to lose possession, go straight through the defence, turn inside and shoot straight at the keeper softly or off target. I have wished for him to be what we all know he can be and also to be fighting for our cause every other game, at least - but over half way through the season, I have almost given up. To conclude, we do not necessarily need to create something around JR that includes FF. Him leaving would be far easier to integrate 2 proper wingers who can deliver crosses for JR, or SF, for that matter. Abdi, playing behind them. Tin Helmet firmly strapped!
  11. In at 41
  12. So that any winner coming from the South Stand, gets the typical match day experience with DC. Those off the Kop/North get the other prizes!
  13. I win every week. I am sure it is rigged.