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  1. Agree young Hirsty should take his place in the squad
  2. Name me one game he has started or come on and showed these qualities where we went home and thought Nuhiu was the difference today
  3. I understand football alright and I can see with my own eyes his limitations as a footballer,personally I think there is snobbery where Nuhiu is concerned it's if you can't see what I can see in him you're a footballing illiterate
  4. Wish I could see in him what others do,all I see is lumbering very limited footballer who falls down a lot
  5. God to you
  6. Proper penguins should be trying to incubate an egg at minus 80 degrees in Antarctica at this of year
  7. And run the risk of injuries
  8. Can't believe that sorry he was always a crowd favourite
  9. And the best thing about it the original fight had feck all to do with him the older I get the more cynical I get,engineered is a good word
  10. Perhaps he didn't want to come back and used the whole saga as a way of getting out
  11. Should have won that 4-1 the warhurst one would be allowed today and those two chances missed by Bright one of them very similar to the one he missed in the cup final,United were very lucky that season they didn't get a pasting
  12. What if they say give us Westwood and we call it quits on the Rhodes fee
  13. If there is a centre half/captain out there whose coming to the end of his career who could do a job for Wednesday just like Mick Lyons did, I would pay a kings ransom for him,but I doubt that man is John Terry
  14. I think the question is will George play a first team game never mind score over 124 goals