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  1. 80% happy - I like the guy, players like him, can't really argue with back-to-back play-offs with better positions and points However I have a nagging 20% doubt that the lesson he might take from it is that negative, risk averse tactics have almost got us there twice, so why change: one more effort and we'll be there. Hope I'm wrong and he'll see that we need to be more attacking, adding pace and creativity to get the best out of the striking talent, plus some extra muscle, if we're to get close to the top two - we'll never do it unless we score more goals
  2. He does proper defending - none of this shirt pulling and wrestling people to the ground or arguing with the ref If he was better at bringing the ball out and picking a pass he'd be worth £15m+
  3. And Rhodes didn't volunteer to take one then either - until he had to in sudden death - so it wasn't exactly a surprise
  4. Their -2 goal difference suggests that might not be playing to their strengths
  5. Play like what? We sat back they huffed and puffed but it was nowt compared to what Brighton threw at us in the away leg last year
  6. You'd really want to entrust his development to Steve Evans?
  7. He hasn't picked up injuries here and there, as CC explained a couple of months ago its the same injury - he had an op which didn't work so he had to have another putting him back to square one. It's frustrating - probably more so for the player himself. It you want to talk about waste of money, save it for players who've been fit all season but never featured
  8. You wouldn't want to sign Jota then? And would have turned your nose up at the likes of Daniel Ayala, K ike, Bruno, José Fonte, Vaz Tê etc etc etc
  9. They got 24,129 v Manchester City in the FA Cup since then
  10. His former club CD Nacional were relegated today - his current loan club tomorrow?
  11. Wonder which clubs have chosen not to sign up - presumably Leeds are one as they've never used Player. Ideally I would have preferred us to do our own thing as the web offering could be so much better - but it is probably not cost effective. Maybe OwlsTV will come in the Prem. Didn't Joe Palmer oversee the launch of MUTV?
  12. You sure it was FFS and not 433?
  13. And he'll cost a bomb
  14. It's worth watching Mowbray's post-match comments about him - he's quickly worked out its pointless playing him back to goal, he doesn't have the physical strength for it I would post a link but it seems to only be on their official site - you can use the Wednesday Player log-in