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  1. You sure it was FFS and not 433?
  2. Sadly there are still some clowns supporting the club who think this sort of thing is funny. On the train we got back to Watford after the Play Off final there were racist anti-Blade chants - and not by some old dinosaur, they were young lads who seemed to think it was clever. Several people reported it to the transport coppers as we got off but don't know whether they took it seriously
  3. And he'll cost a bomb
  4. It's worth watching Mowbray's post-match comments about him - he's quickly worked out its pointless playing him back to goal, he doesn't have the physical strength for it I would post a link but it seems to only be on their official site - you can use the Wednesday Player log-in
  5. No idea what the Bulgarian Rob Staton is asking him but he seems to be the centre of media attention here - Bulgarian speakers anyone?
  6. Yes this is mine too (apart from Bannan) - but with the emphasis on pushing forwards and FF and McM acting as wide attackers avoid Rhodes being isolated
  7. They can all afford hair transplants these days...
  8. Jermaine Jackson singing his new Jordan Rhodes remix of Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming
  9. Jeez - are these the insurance claim values?
  10. Haven't heard that in years
  11. I was at the Norwich Wolves game today and he was average at best. Sold himself on numerous up pitch challenges, frequently struggling with one on one challenges and less then commanding, albeit it was a tough one when they went down to 10 men with a makeshift keeper. Think people are looking back at the promotion season with rose tinted glasses.
  12. Put this in another thread but probably deserves it own. Seems he has arrived in Bucharest to finalise a move Dolce Sport reports that striker Sergiu Bus Cluj returned to Romania to sign the Romanian champions, Astra Giurgiu. Striker aged 24 years belongs to the English Second Division team Sheffield Wednesday, but 2016 has evolved in Italy at Salernitana.The footballer had 11 present and scored a team of southwestern Italy. Before reaching England, Bus striker performed a season (2014-2015) CSKA Sofia, for which he scored 10 goals in 19 matches played. Sergiu Bus has played in bands in Romania CFR Cluj-Napoca, Unirea Alba Iulia, Targu Mures, Brasov Gaz Metan Medias and Corona.
  13. Nedelcu Iulian‏@IulianNedelcu Sergiu Buș a ajuns la Bucuresti si e aproape de a semna cu Astra Giurgiu. A reziliat deja cu Sheffield Wednesday, din Championship.