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  1. He's obviously doing the rounds of trials as he played for Carlisle in their friendly against Blyth on Saturday
  2. Thought Bolton were still under an embargo which is why they're only signing frees and free agents
  3. There seems to be some mystery over why he left Peterborough. When the local paper asked their chairman, he said: “He’s left the club and I don’t want to mention his name.” However less than a year before he had been touting him up as the next big thing
  4. Good player as he went on to prove at Real Sociedad and Juventus. Here he is top second left in Juve team that also includes Zidane, Conte, Inzaghi, Edgar Davids etc
  5. Apparently this kid has signed now Very dodgy Google translation... Lokomotiv's Supermarket (Plovdiv) - Iyad Hamoud is officially not a black-and-white player. Today the youngster signed a 2-year contract with Sheffield Wendy. On Monday, the footballer will join the team's preparation for the 18-year-old "owls". In the first week, 18-year-old talents of the Wenzdhis will train on their own base, then go to a training camp in Portugal. Now is the issue of a license to play by the English Football Association, and as soon as this happens, the native talent club will receive the money from the Island on the account. "Everyone is very pleased with the fact that I come to their club, which is a great compliment to me, they have met me very well, I am happy to have signed up, everything is at the top level, much better than the Bulgarian reality, Because I know this is my way of developing in football. It is very important that there are two more Bulgarians in the team - Preslav Borukov and Stefan Gavrilov who will help me for my easier adaptation. But the setting and organization of the Sheffield Wells club motivates me a lot. I want to thank Lokomotiv (Plovdiv), all the people in the club and everyone who has helped me to develop. I thank the coaches who have done a lot for me. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) stays forever in my heart, my first and born team. There I always felt like part of a big family. But now I am ambitious to succeed in England - the country where football is raised to incredible heights, "said the happy Hammond.
  6. No link at all. They do one of these for every club in the league pretty much every day - pure click bait
  7. Here are some of the work permit appeal rules - its all linked to the size of transfer fee, wages, quality of the club he's coming from etc
  8. The size of the bid (from whoever) might be to do with the work permit issue. He won't get one based on being South African as they are outside FIFA top 50 but you can appeal and that takes into account factors including the size of the transfer fee, wages etc
  9. It's the World Football Phone-In - it's always a pretty good listen actually. You can listen to it here or download it as a podcast They mention Zungu at about 1 hour 16 minutes in
  10. He was injured for a chunk of the season. Just about every statistic you could want about his season is in this...
  11. There are loads of examples of exceptions. Victor Wanyama has a permit despite Kenya being even further down the FIFA rankings. He first got it when Celtic appealed
  12. He's a defensive midfielder and if the list of other clubs interested in this article are true he must have something about him
  13. Hayford has been training with South African champions Bidvest Wits - his dad is South African
  14. Some info about the two Bulgarian lads here Arijus Bražinskas is a Lithuanian goalkeeper