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  1. I have made no personal references to you or your life or any other poster. You have attacked me personally, without provocation.
  2. Loovens and Lee are the only ones here now, what about the DISASTERS he brought in and the near relegation. I will let you decide on that....
  3. thats your beef, ive raised valid points, you've raised none.
  4. If you read the initial post its a question? I'm not that dense to realise we've finished 6th and 4th over the last two seasons.
  5. People said it was Dave Jones that made the difference in getting us up over Gary Megson, when infact it was ANTONIO that got us on that run, Megson had just signed him and got the sack. Dave Jones managerial career after that says it all, useless with us BADGER, ANIMAL quotes was followed by Bothroyd and learning curves, fingering netball players and then taking Hartlepool out of the football league.
  6. Good managers also get fired and dont get new contracts for not getting the best out of said teams.
  7. Statistically you could say YES we have, but for those that go week in week out it would have to be a NO. It's been a strange year, alll the sides we expected to be up there had problems and for some reason fell away, Norwich, Villa, Derby etc. Take out FF we dont have one player that can carry the ball or can BEAT a man for pace and skill. Therein that lies with the management and recruitment, we pay through the NOSE to watch good quality football, can any of us say thats been a brilliant season to watch, to enjoy like the season preceding that? I dont think so....
  8. Carlos is a far from a clown, good manager that has got it quite badly wrong in terms of playing style and negative tactics this season, which have cost the club. That's why I question why he gets another year at it having already had massive investment.
  9. No, edges on football are a small %, I could not make a living betting on football, I bet on horses solely.
  10. Alan don't think your miles out there. We lacked a 'ball carrier' through the middle and wide areas, not one player we had was capable of a 'Carlton Palmer' style burst into the opposites half.
  11. Well given that he wasnt starting regular even when fit in the early part of the season I wouldn't have thought a CENSUS was needed.
  12. Thats the thing though, with the resources he had available, it should not have come down to one player. Not ONE Owls supporter would have said at the start of last season that Gary Hooper was the key player.
  13. Everyone after Barnsley though, some long faces that day. You'd have to be INANE to get 1 supporter that day to say we'd win the next six. Thats the glorious uncertainty of football. One thing is certain though if we end up playing the same faces next season with the same set up there is no promotion party.
  14. A world record KLAXON winning run, which no one could believe after witnessing Barnsley away.
  15. The home game against UDDERS for me was so disappointing. CC was co concerned with not losing and that for me is just below the line of unforgivable. The substitutions were wrong but then as we came to expect 2-1 up at QPR and Semedo coming on with 20 minutes, yes 20 minutes against a team there for the taking. He's managed like a man undr pressure this season, so if he felt it this year, whats it going to be like next year with EXPECTATION at the absolute MAXIMUM. Personally I dont see this ending well.