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  1. Start of season was on Brighton but laid out of the bet and wish I hadn't. Re the play offs I still cannot fathom why any bookmaker have Huddersfield the same or shorter price than us to obtain promotion. Of every factor to consider from shots at goal to squad strengths, points and goal difference we are just about superior in every department. Doesn't mean we will beat them if we play them, but the odds are just wrong.
  2. I bet for a living and if the odds are greater than the estimated true chance of winning then I will bet on two flies running up a wall or a coin throw.
  3. Reading look over priced to me, and no way should Huddersfield be a shorter price for promotion than what we are. I priced it up 9/4 Fulham, 5/2 Owls, 4/1 Udders and Reading.
  4. Job: Gambler Player: Joey Barton Reason: An annoying bell end
  5. Price Tag has really given him a tough time from our fans, some justified criticism, some not. Technically very good, great feet, you can count on one hand this season how many times he loses/wastes the ball. Still have the feeling he might do better centrally than wide, as he doesn't have the raw pace to beat full backs, nor an amazing crossing ability. He's a really useful player though, can play full back, left mid, left wing, or central midfield and has age on his side with natural fitness to boot. Will be better suited to the demands of the premier league as well, ie less physical than the championship.
  6. Cant have Lees as a 9, him and Westwood at fault for their goal, completely missed the header, but all opinions of course.
  7. Westwood 6 Hunt 7 Lees 7 Loovens 6 Pudil 8 Wallace 7 jones 7 Bannan 7 Reach 7 Hooper 7 Fletcher 7 Sasso 6 Semedo 7 Rhodes 6
  8. Absolute disgrace he's not made more cameos or sub appearances. For the majority we've had Fletcher and NUHIU on the bench, WHY???? Hirst is the future and should have had more game time.
  9. The price on Sunday was 1.62 the price now is 1.49 to beat Rotherham, thats one hell of a market move for a football game. So much so to move the line by that much in two days there is some inside knowledge afoot, far east syndicates maybe involved in this, wonder if our team news will be more positive than what we are expecting?
  10. The players are doing as he's asking, but we're very easy to set up against. The wingers have no pace, Reach is always cutting inside instead of beating the man on the outside and putting in quality crosses. Opposing teams now wait for the old 'full back overlap' chestnut and double up as thats the only way we get past defenders. Our midfield is lightweight especially without Hutchinson, so teams that have big athletic central midfielders will nullify what we can do in the middle of the park. The buck stops with the manager for not being able to change how we play and for the personnel signed as back up.
  11. Just watched the great Red Star Belgrade great European cup winning side. The captain of that team said he had played under different managers and circumstances. He stated that sometimes they were great because of the CROWD and that is why they succeeded. But he played and had success when the crowd weren't so helpful, but if the crowd weren't onside it relied on the team spirit to get them through. With that in mind do we do enough as fans at home games? Take Huddersfield and their German BOOM band, that appears to be having the desired effect at home...
  12. The only thing I would say is the number of times Winnall and Rhodes were adopting similar positions in the box against reading before the cross came in was annoying. Surely one gambles with a run into the six yard area with the other hanging back on the penalty spot. Bannan I think whipped in a superb ball across the six yard box but both Rhodes and Winnall were both around the penalty spot. Need one gambling and one hanger.
  13. I don't have any qualifications as a coach and I certainly don't know any better than a lifelong professional. I merely stated the points that have been evident this season and pretty glaringly obvious to most people sat in the stands.
  14. As i've said the stats that get circulated amongst the professional clubs have Fulham as playing the best football in the championship. I have no idea what that means other than when I watch us play and we are definitely nowhere near playing the best football in the championship.
  15. Thing is though, on the stats THAT ALL CLUBS use, Fulham are playing the best football in the championship and believe it or not, if Fulham get in the top 6 they will be the favourites with the bookmakers to go up through the play offs. So joke all you will, the odds, stats and logic are still with the London club.