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  1. Just watched the great Red Star Belgrade great European cup winning side. The captain of that team said he had played under different managers and circumstances. He stated that sometimes they were great because of the CROWD and that is why they succeeded. But he played and had success when the crowd weren't so helpful, but if the crowd weren't onside it relied on the team spirit to get them through. With that in mind do we do enough as fans at home games? Take Huddersfield and their German BOOM band, that appears to be having the desired effect at home...
  2. The only thing I would say is the number of times Winnall and Rhodes were adopting similar positions in the box against reading before the cross came in was annoying. Surely one gambles with a run into the six yard area with the other hanging back on the penalty spot. Bannan I think whipped in a superb ball across the six yard box but both Rhodes and Winnall were both around the penalty spot. Need one gambling and one hanger.
  3. I don't have any qualifications as a coach and I certainly don't know any better than a lifelong professional. I merely stated the points that have been evident this season and pretty glaringly obvious to most people sat in the stands.
  4. As i've said the stats that get circulated amongst the professional clubs have Fulham as playing the best football in the championship. I have no idea what that means other than when I watch us play and we are definitely nowhere near playing the best football in the championship.
  5. Thing is though, on the stats THAT ALL CLUBS use, Fulham are playing the best football in the championship and believe it or not, if Fulham get in the top 6 they will be the favourites with the bookmakers to go up through the play offs. So joke all you will, the odds, stats and logic are still with the London club.
  6. You talk like you know what went off behind the scenes at Leicester City.
  7. Well, Big Ron signed Craig Shakespeare because of his character, the irony being your username and you mentioning Shakepseare had stabbed him in the back
  8. One of Ron Atkinsons first signings for SWFC stabbing him the back? Whatever next?
  9. What was Craig Shakespeare doing then regarding Ranieri?
  10. I'm not one of those fannies that slags other supporters off either for differing views. Not about point scoring, my eyes are bleeding watching us this season, the football is below par.
  11. And there are hundreds of other examples that went well, truth is no one knows. Ranieri over Craig Shakespeare anyone?
  12. Home and away we've rode our luck generally and been bobbaar. I am hoping that by hook or crook we turn the performance levels around and play like the side that we have on paper. I've seen no evidence whatsoever that this will happen, the injuries is another convenient smokescreen, we were 10th with no injuries earlier in the season. The squad is big enough and strong enough to be doing better than it is.
  13. 'Thinly Veiled' lets have another dig at other SWFC supporters thread.
  14. The football pure and simple. Anyone that goes home and away will tell you, the football with the exception of probably half a dozen performances this season has been from below par to dire. We are being charged a premium to watch what should be (with the players at our disposal) good football. Not necessarily winning football, that's never a given, but a style of play that makes you go home with a smile on your face. For the vast part I spend my time driving back to York feeling angry and frustrated by the quality/performances on offer. My gripes 1) The continual slow starts at home 2) The slow tempo in our build up play that allows the opposition to get back in numbers 3) The persistence of using the full back/winger overlap when for the vast majority of the season we use wingers who cant beat the full back through pace or skill 4) When teams park the bus at home ie Burton, we continued with two centre halves when they changed to just one up front 5) With the exception of Forestieri I don't see one good bit of transfer business, ie we can sell a player for more than we paid 6) No plan B, when a team is getting the better of us on the flanks or our game plan isn't working, simply carry on regardless 7) The refusal to use any of our good young players in cameo roles, ie Nuhiu and Fletcher on bench, you don't need both of them, 29 goal George Hirst should be on the bench So apart from poor tactics, poor transfer business and an overall poor season from an entertainment point of view, what reason is there to keep Carlos at the helm? I would rather BULLY oversee the rest of the season and try to bring in a breath of fresh air for the remaining games.