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  1. Just Think

    Yes 1-1 and he brings on that big oaf instead of Sam WIN, amazingly bad decision
  2. Give him 10 games

    All our difficult fixtures are in December and April, failing to act quickly will put us in trouble in my opinion.
  3. Give him 10 games

    Hes had 100 games plus and changed absolutely nothing, even in last years play off semi we played the same team as what finished the season before. What do you need to see another 10 games for?
  4. Why Carlos has to stay.

    Yeah lets forget about the two sitters they missed, nothing to see here.
  5. Why Carlos has to stay.

    You're off your titties mate, have a beer.
  6. Why Carlos has to stay.

    I read number 4 and thought, what gives you the right to deduce and generalise whether anyone has a right to an opinion.
  7. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    Yeah well I expect a share of that 180 million then,
  8. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    If this initiative was done by the scrubbers on the other side of the city, there would be a lot of wee wee taking. How this scheme can be lauded as a 'great initiative' by many fans is quite alarming and worrying. Not in my lifetime has an SWFC chairman asked me for a 2k loan.
  9. Realistic Names to be next manager

    and the rest of Brentfords signings? many abroad and shrewd from lower leagues using this data.
  10. Realistic Names to be next manager

    You might be interested to know that the manager of Brentford is just a coach and a yes man. The man behind Brentford is a professional gambler that has one of the most extensive and exclusive statistical data across Europe. He is the man that makes the signings and the coach just integrates what is brought in.
  11. Fessi

    Some of you need a good shake, this is our leading goal scorer and assists man over the last two seasons, and i'm reading 'get rid' 'bench him'. The manager has basically cost the chairman a lot of money with this article, either its sell for less than you could have last season or its dump him with the U23's either way with this STRAY lingo from Carlos, it has cost the club serious money whatever happens from here.
  12. Realistic Names to be next manager

    Mick McCarthy. Tactically as sound a championship manager as you will find. Done wonders at Ipswich on an ever dwindling budget, already got out of the division with Wolves. Knows how to get service into a striker and basically made Darryl Murphy. I know many people wouldn't think so, but I think Mick would do a brilliant job.
  13. Steering group meeting

    He's never said that.
  14. Steering group meeting

    Chansiri has dne great things for this club, but as for treatment of supporters, it's a 'put up or shut up' level of treatment.
  15. Abdi

    Heres hoping for a great season from him, clever, clever, player.