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  1. This ^^^ and never wasted a ball even when we doubled up on him , In the first game Forrestierri nicked the ball of him once and thats the only negative I could find .
  2. All you lot that don't rate him will be ok next season because he will be playing premiership football one way or another, I would be gobsmacked if we or any other championship club were in with a shout for him .
  3. Would not even get to halfway with that midfield .
  4. I thought he was a good signing when it happened but no better than what we already had and alarmingly slow ( seems to be a theme in our recent signings )
  5. I made a decision about half way through the season that this would be my last as a full time fan, I used to plan my life around the club and did do for many years but I have to say I preferred playing and did so on Saturdays and Sundays so night matches either home or away were a bonus . Now after watching the Owls for well over 50 years I have made the decision to walk away , I hope to still take in the odd game but last season was the last season ticket for me . Like others I am disillusioned with the Premiership or bust mentality that the game has become and I realised when FF did not travel to Norwich that we have succumbed to the reality of the modern game .I am happy with our chairman but lets not kid ourselves that its anything more than a business to him and could go either way . I have Sky at home but very early watch a game do still enjoy match of the day on occasions but for me football is not top of my list anymore . Over and out . UTO .
  6. Did you read all of my post ?
  7. Apart from saying we need 2 centrehalfs I pretty much agree with most of what he said . We were on sky one game and the 2 commentators virtually said the same .
  8. always been a big admirer of his since he played against us for Peterboro think he probably is passed his best now .
  9. Crowd performed better than the manager and team . End of thread .
  10. Mooy was head and shoulders above everyone on the pitch over the last 2 games ,
  11. Feck me Bannan is the least of our problems .
  12. Wagner got 100% and them some out of his side and stuck to his attacking principles . Well done Udders .
  13. Thought he was garbage , cannot believe he did not get replaced by Winnall .
  14. Chillaxx not going to be easy tonight but we will do it , everyone has their part to play ......pump up the volume !
  15. Nobody uses it , its a rip off ......... oh hang on , I may be wrong with that .