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  1. KIVO - Ive just spotted this - which seems to have become the wikipedia entry for Wednesday Cricket Club. What the hell does "on ice"? mean? @KivoOwl
  2. ok to sort out that amazon prime thing buddy?

  3. Tickets sold.
  4. "there's loads of space around the current hillsborough" - are you mental? it'd crammed inbehind houses and a river! there isnt enough room to breathe!
  5. Spurs just burned down the surround area..
  6. I bought a couple as I needed the TPPs. They're e-tickets so I can just send you the PDFs to print off. Bank Transfer please. Selling as a pair only Face Value (that's the Wednesday way) PM for details - I'll be back online after lunch (*obviously these are for the Huddersfield home-leg on Wednesday night)
  7. Colin proffett
  8. They the Leeds game commentary on when I was there earlier in the year There's another place round the corner... Belushi's that has football on too
  9. http://www.aeonity.com/ab/soundboards/celebrity/tim-westwood.php
  10. the team youre beaming back takes a hefty proportion of the income from this - so not worth us doing it.
  11. we should be compiling a list of naysayers who we name and shame and dont allow to celebrate if we win promotion!
  12. 150th anniversary kit?
  13. Yeah. I noticed this last year. Someone who goes to games regularly AND has a membership only has ONE place i go to a few games AND have a foundation- so I've got TWO places Always pays to read the rules.
  14. Surname, Client number and postcode works for me
  15. http://www.swfc.co.uk/news/article/wembley-play-off-final-ticket-information-3115805.aspx