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  1. http://www.itv.com/hub/harry-hills-alien-fun-capsule/2a4728a0004 16mins for Kay!
  2. Google maps/earth - take some approximate measurements off that
  3. Sheffield Council init Would be no effort to stick a couple of extra trams coming from Middlewood. I often find its easier to walk down to Hillsborough Corner and get the trams there as you've at least got trams coming from Malin Bridge too.
  4. REMEMEBR - the person who's id number you buy the ticket from gets the points applied to their account. Spent all of last season buying tickets on other peoples accounts - and ended up with sod all points for myself. Was a close call that I coudl attend the POF
  5. Wow - errr thats a massive security hole - ive got loads of peoples IDs and Postcodes.
  6. to be fair 100quid is only slightly above actual price... Id be looking for at least 150 to sell tickets to that game
  7. Why is it not in the middle?
  8. .
  9. HUGE season changing game. anything less that a win and Carlos is a gonner.
  10. We had a couple of half hearted chances. The ref got the red right (although I thought it was harsh) sasso jumps into it. Thought we should have had a penalty. Villa stuck two bobbar chances in the net. We did nothing.
  11. Shall we have a flag made up for the next time we play them?