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    Just had a look on their forum. Missus walked in, only just managed to switch to P0rnhub in time to avoid embarrassment.
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    Hi people, Always had a soft spot for Sheffield Wednesday as your support is great and you're a big club, excellent support, you always come down in your Thousands at the Stadium of Light in recent years and I love going to Hillsborough, looking forward to the game this season already! I was watching your Play-offs and going out in Pens is just cruel, we (Sunderland) have went out at the exact same stage against Crystal Palace, I could barely function for a week. Anyway, it's no secret we've been absolutely horrific in the Premiership, successive management failures and awful transfers finally caught up with us, as you know we've just appointed Grayson, low-key appointment, says the right stuff, hopefully he can sort out some huge ego's within our dressing room and sort a monumental change within our set up and structure. So, which teams will be strong do you lot think? Obviously, yourselves, Boro, Villa, Birmingham perhaps? I thought you got a good deal getting Fletcher, he always did well for us, although we turned on him when he was more interested in taking pictures of his cars on Social Media, when we were getting beat week in - week out. I know he scored in the first leg in your Play-off v Huddersfield, how is he doing? I think, he's a good solid scorer for this level, is he still a lazy poopydoo? Ha. Is your patience starting to run out with your Manager Carvalhal? From the little I saw of you last season, you seem to press teams and play fast, free flowing Football, but you seemed to lose your bottle in the Play-offs and were very cautious, is that fair? What's your hopes for this season? Hows the Transfer window went so far? Honestly hope you go up (Although not at our cost mind ;)) I bet you can't wait for the Sheffield United games, what's your recent record against them? I know they've been in League 1 for the last few Seasons, but before that? Best of luck for the new season and I'm happy to help when you need travel advice for our game at the SOL in April (I know it's a long way off) **** the Mags! Mark
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    Sorry to end your positivity pal but Owls In The Park is meant to be for Wednesday fans so I wouldn't bother coming to that.
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    *googles Scottish right backs*
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    Cosby Blunkett

    Meeting Nuhiu

    Danny Maddix once threatened to knock me out in a nightclub because I kept calling him Dr Truman. I stand by it
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    S36 OWL

    Carlos New Hair

    Looks like he has had a Desso fitted
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    Wednesday 'Til He Died

    I posted this on Twitter earlier - apologies if you have already seen it. I came across this story in an old newspaper - published in July 1907 just after The Wednesday has won the FA Cup at Crystal Palace. It was related by a Rev. j.R. Jennings at a religious meeting. Makes you proud to be Wednesday.
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    Big Dave Off ?

    Loyal servant, tried his best over the years. Can't fault his effort, but best for all considered to cash in. A rare occasion we'd make a profit on a player. He should be playing somewhere, and his record last season implies it won't be here. We have far better options.
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    Lego Hillsborough

    Hi, a few weeks ago my bothers I decided to start making Hillsborough out of Lego, having being in touch with the club it was agreed that the stadium would be a unique exhibit for one of the celebration events over the year! As you probably know this isn't a a cheap project and with the added pressure of trying to complete it sooner rather than later so the club can actually use it! I'm finding it hard to fund my project on my own and am asking fellow wednesdayites to help with donations, I've set up a page with a bit more of an explanation and more pictures of you have time please give it a read and if you can spare any money all donations will be hugely appreciated! https://legohillsborough.wordpress.com/ thank you in advance
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    Winnall to Brum

    There are 2 other strikers we should try and shift on before we even consider getting rid of Winnall imo
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    Where did it all go wrong?

    About 15 seconds ago when I opened this thread?
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    Summer 2017 non-mega transfer thread

    Yep, particularly good for opening PDF files.
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    Cheap positive points?

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    Mr Farrell

    Exciting rumour wanted

    Quite possibly the crappest thread in 10 years. Well done to the Op. That is a major achievement on Owlstalk.
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    Goals from today

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    Lego Hillsborough

    Bugger the stadium, can you do a full set of home & away kits & 2 centre backs. Plus have you got any spare legs for Matias & a new hair style for Carlos.
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    Meeting Nuhiu

    Well I once met Michail Antonio at Meadowhall made myself look a tw@t just after he signed for Forest. He was walking to loo with his missus at same time as me my missus went for pee I waited. He came down while I waited. I had no idea what to say to him but he looked right at me I said eyup he said hi I froze thinking what do I follow up with. I ment to say what's it like up at forest. Instead it came out "what's it like up there" he looked bemused looked up the stairs towards toilet door and replied "Ermm it's orite it's clean" then looked at his misuses she said what's he asked he replied to her asking what's toilets like. Jeeeesus I felt like a bellllllll endddd
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    No player has scored more goals over the last 6 years at Championship level than Rhodes. Play him right and he'll bag 20 goals next season. A very good signing.
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    Competition time!

    Meet TangOwl. What do I get for winning?
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    Rhodes smashes 2 goals in 2 minutes.

    Yeah fair point , I think Jordan Rhodes is completely unproven in the championship and I've no faith he's capable of scoring goals at this level
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    25 Years ago This Week - the Messiah arrived.

    1st July 1992 Imagine waking up and reading this! Apart from Hirsty - the most exciting player I have seen at Hillsborough.
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    No senior citizen membership

    I just wish that some folk would stop treating everyone with a pension book as skint members, the wife and I have never been so well off, no mortgage, good pensions, only need the one car, can travel when we wish, etc, etc. It's the youngsters who I feel sorry for, huge mortgages and other debts hefty transport costs, expensive holiday costs in school holidays, student loans to pay off, etc, etc.
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    Mr. Tom

    Y'know what? BRING IT

    Loving the Boyd signing but I've already got so fed up of close season that I've just sat here and watched every extended highlights reel from 2016/17 available on YouTube. Some observations from this lengthy exercise, you lovely awful OTers: 1) I was at every home game and only 4 (four) away games, so neg me to death (I still love you though), and I thought last season was a nightmare compared to the one before - negative, dull, frustrating, unambitious 2) I was wrong, we were properly good. We messed up about 18,659 times in front of goal, about 14 times in defence (seriously, all season), about twice in goal, and about six times (again, all season) in terms of game management after 75min. Wanna check and disagree? Fine. But that's my tally and I'm sticking with it. You can't even be bothered to watch every playback so shush. 3) Look at this. LOOK AT IT. Look at Reach. Hooper. Westwood. Hunt. Fletch. Wallace. Look how GOOD they are. Look at how DIIIICKED Newcastle, the division champions, got at S6. They have a really (really) good comedy shot after 7.5 min, for those who like to focus on the negatives. For the rest of us, nothing at all before then. God almighty, isn't that Hooper-chest-down-to-Fletcher chance all set to be the sexiest goal at S6 of the whole campaign? We were taking the pi5s! Ok, so we blazed it wide. But my god. Now imagine a fit Abdi, FF, Boyd etc in this squad (somehow, somewhere, I dunno I'm not the boss). Boro, you say? Villa? Norwich? Watch this again. DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICKED. Ok, ok. We messed some stuff up. We shoehorned. We over-strikered, then under-crossed. We ground out when last year we gambled and (sometimes) won, but overall did better...holy FUNK we finished 4th. Fourth. FOURTH, you delightful maniacs. Our squad is better, leaner, fitter, hungrier, more bedded in, slightly more Boyd-shaped, all playoffed out and HORNY FOR GLORY in 2017/18. Who exactly are the maniacs predicting doom and gloom this season? I've gotta say, I'm giddy as all heck and I think we're up for one absolute bobby dazzler of a season. I really do. i haven't even mentioned FF. Who loves it here and WILL get 15 next year. Rhodes 15. Hooper 15. Fletch 15. Wallace, Bannan, Boyd, Reach, Lee 6 each. Lees 4. Westwood 3 (all in same game). Good grief our strike force is silly good. UTO and I'm on holiday and I love y'all. I may have had a sangria or two but hoooo boy, BRING IT.
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    Winnall to Brum

    Be disappointed with this. I accept Rhodes and Hooper would be my preferred starting pairing, but would have him in front of Fletcher or the others. Impressed me when I have seen him play, shown he can score at this level and seems to have a good attitude.
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    New Captain

    I know wher you're coming from with Westwood's character, but for me a keeper should never be captain. Needs to be someone in the thick of the action, and who can have a word in the ref's ear when required.
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    Player recruitment

    All the players you mentioned above are amongst the best players in the division... This post makes absolutely no sense what so over. Sorry...
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    Alan Hutton

    If he signs for Wednesday we should welcome him, then get behind him. Sadly, half our fans will slag him off before he even kicks a ball!
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    Carlos New Hair

    Carlos had a dream To make his follicles teem He had no hairs, so he had to have new ones sown All luscious and black Nabbed from his ballsack Carlos Carvalhal - his hair's growing back
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    Owls V pigs on Sky

    Highly doubtful as we're playing them on the 23rd
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    Thread locked. Already a discussion on FF and additionally I know for a fact FF does not want to leave and is up for this being the best season of his career.
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    Carlos on Radio Sheffield

    Great segue into a Portuguese wake story. Completely unexpected.
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    Carlos urges Owls to play without fear

    http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-carlos-carvalhal-urges-owls-to-play-without-fear-next-season-1-8620608 Strange comment really given that we set up against virtually everyone In such a negative way that the players are convinced they're playing against Barcelona.......most of the fear we showed last season came from us giving the opposition too much respect and doing their coaches motivational work for him, surely we can get back to playing on the front foot.
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    SAG and SYP own goal?

    After our last friendly with Rangers I have been looking forward to Sunday's game since it was confirmed. I had no idea how fanatical, vocal and sustained their support was going to be four years ago so when it was announced that they were to be given the North Stand i thought this was a great move by the club and would have ensured a 20-25 thousand crowd, not bad for a friendly. Most of the Wednesday fans I know from the Anston and Dinnington areas are going more for the buzz, day out and banter with the Bears as much as for a single friendly game against a traditionally big side before the season kicks off for real a week on Saturday. What I'm now hearing is that Rangers are not to be allowed any more tickets for the North after selling their initial allocation? What the effing hell is going on with the powers that be? It's really starting to pissss me off and I'm a placid bloke. I can't forget last season's 30,000 sell out against Wolves or the the restricted 32,000 we were allowed to sell for our play off against Huddersfield. Who the hell do SAG or the Police think they are telling us we can't sell the tickets we want to and denying us revenue!! They have no excuse or valid reason this time to explain why they have only allowed Rangers 4 or 6 thousand tickets in the North or however many they have allowed. None of this makes sense. Last time they had 7,500 in the Lepp upper and lower and the atmosphere was brilliant before, during and after the game, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there was one single arrest? So why have they allowed them to be relocated from a stand where they could I guess use an excuse there are safety issues to a stand with a near 10,000 capacity and yet allow less tickets to be sold? It does not make sense whatsoever! My season ticket is in the North which is a safe stand and I was happy to have to buy one in the Kop or South to accomodate our friends from Scotland. What they have potentially done here (whoever is responsible) is cause a situation where hundreds of Rangers fans will be in our end and if anything happens what will the Police have to say then? If I was Chansiri I would call the kops or sags bluff and tell them they can all have the Leppings lane after all to allow 7,500 to attend again. Let's see what excuse the two hats from the authorities come up with then. One annoyed Wednesdayite!! (And if they have indeed been given 9,500 without my knowledge I will enjoy the egg on my face)
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    Mr. Tom

    Carlos New Hair

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    Well, Rhodes is officially a Sheff Wed player now. congratulations
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    Painting outside of Wednesday ground

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    Different vibe

    Listen, son, the only f*cking vibe you have to worry about is the one your wife hides in her knicker drawer.
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    Mansfield Tho'

    Has never been said before By anyone Ever...
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    new kit looked good at worksop tonight

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    Abraham Kreiki

    I'll admit I was 100% convinced this was a fresh rumour!
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    Carlos New Hair

    So Carlo, where did you get your hair cut? ... I'm asking for a friend *cough*
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    Bit of a crap attempt at a matchday thread pal, I want Pauli back
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    The "Chris of death"

    This story isn't true, is it?
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    BIG D

    Next season kit

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    Matchday Ticket Prices Frozen

    I don't think he bothers anymore because of all the poo he gets because he happens to passionately believe that football should be affordable to more people than it is - and that Wednesday are in the vanguard of baddies when it comes to ticket prices. That makes some people angry. As for a ticket price freeze - what matters is the balance of categories. All we know for now is the maximum price hasn't changed.
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    S36 OWL

    Summer 2017 non-mega transfer thread

    He isnt the first player from a Sheffield club to be handed a Trial in Wales.
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    di canio

    Wilson was incapable of managing egos and a huge club, we should have put our arm around him like Alex Ferguson did with Cantona, let him take his medicine and then reintegrate him. The architect of letting him go was Dave Richards who was feathering his nest for the Chairmanship of the PL? We should have kept him or at least got proper money for him.
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    Wallace - needs to earn a new contract

    He's been one of our most consistant players over the last 2 seasons and IMO has earned at least another year.