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    Hassling the chairman's son on youtube

    I just cant understand what has happened to Wednesdayites .......Low lives asking the Chairmans son to sack Carlos on his youtube channel....Cringe worthy ......Get a grip folks.
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    I know this sites on Atts radar so hopefully this finds its way to him... After recent comments on your YouTube channel please let me say how little these "fans" opinions are, and mean nothing to true supporters of our club. Yes, people disagree on the manager, lots of issues actually, it's a constant source of chatter on here and you will always get polarised views on the internet or otherwise. Most fans follow a degree of respect to one another, and the coach, players and owners, However, these "fans" are not the people of Sheffield I knew, or visit now, trolling you is comepletly unacceptable. It's Not the views of the fans, and not what we are all about. We will of course have one or two people in our fan base that like to cause as much trouble as possible, Fernandos wife being trolled on twatter is a prime example. They do not represent my views, or the VAST majority of the fans that sincerely are greatful for the investment and enthusiasm put into the club by your family. I cannot speak for everyone, no doubt a select few will comment below, but please do not listen to the idiots which have found a means to purchase a laptop - some still struggle with light switches. All the the best and keep posting your vids.
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    Well done "Moaners"

    I am a "so-called" moaner and proud of it. I haven't said I want Carlos to get the sack, I haven't been on social media and abused our players, just like 99.9% of the so called moaners. I've not missed a home game this season and have follwed us on the road always offering my support to Carlos and the lads. However, I know that were capable of doing what we've done today to every single team in this division. Instead we've stifled ourselves, played walking football and spent too much time worrying about the opposition. This is what has frustrated people, we've played with the handbrake on all season when we could have grabbed automatic with both hands. FINALLY Carlos has grown a pair and look what happens, we blow away a team that was in the Premier League last season and was expected to go straight back up. If people hadn't "moaned" do you think he would have sent them out like that today? We've finally seen the team we all KNOW we've got thanks to the "Moaners". So well done lads and lasses we've finally got the proper Wednesday out there, let's just hope we get that Sheffield Wednesday for the rest of the season. UTO!
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    Simple Yes or No Question

    No. Now f*ck off.
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    It was great to read Forestieri praising Semedo's positive influence on the psyche of the team in the programme pre-match, and even better to see just how important he still is when Forestieri ran over to embrace him and made a point of gesturing towards Jose in front of the South Stand. He may not have a huge role to play on the pitch too often these days, but it seems like Semedo still has a huge role to play off it, the importance of which can't be underestimated, especially if he's playing a part in getting Forestieri firing on all cylinders again.
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    Hassling the chairman's son on youtube

    We have some right tards in our fanbase.
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    Lucas Joao

    Last second equaliser. Most important swfc goal of his career tonight!
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    Ryan the owl

    Grown men in replica football shirts

    Honestly mate, I've absolutely no idea why your reputation is so poor..
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    An Open Letter.

    To Our Amazing Fans, Like many, I am disappointed with yesterday's result. The whole season so far hasn't lived up to the expectations of the last one. We seem to have stalled, mid-flight and we all have concerns over whether a play-off place will be achieved. We have spent big and shown our intentions are to gain promotion to the Premier League, but we need to remember where we have been and the state we were in prior to the arrival of Dejphon Chansiri. The “we are massive” joke has become embedded in some people’s minds to the point where they probably just expect us to the given 3 points each game. This is reflected often in the crazy posts we see here on Owlstalk. It doesn’t work like that and you know it doesn’t, yet I respect everyone is entitled to an opinion. It's just many are not thought through. It takes time, money and the right resources and knowledge to mix all these ingredients in to the correct format. It won’t happen overnight and while Dejphon’s “Two Year Plan” was achievable, for me, it was always going to be an extremely tough ask. You have to set targets though and that was the one he set. Just spending money doesn’t guarantee you anything. Look at Derby. Look at Villa this season. Look at Burnley when they got promoted on one of the lowest wage and transfer budgets in the league. I think we have lost sight of this through shear desperation of seeing our club decline so much since the start of the Millennium. So let me tell you this; these are my thoughts but I think most will agree: We are on our way. How will we get there? I don’t know, but all I know is Wednesday's on her way. We may not win every battle, but we will be victorious in the end. We cannot change the manager. We cannot choose the team. We can however re-unite, as fans, as one, because we are on our way. This journey will be tough, it will try and break you, break us as fans, as it is already and we must stop this. We must regroup, accept the gains and losses as equal, stand tall and stand proud. Stand as one because after all, we share the same passion and love for our club and we all want the same thing. We are Sheffield Wednesday. We are the 12th man. Dig deep and supress your moans when a pass goes astray. The player didn’t mean it. They want to win as much as we do. Let’s be constructive, not destructive. Let’s become one voice on Friday and raise the roof for now is our time. We, the fans, are needed more than ever, together, as one. We are Sheffield Wednesday and we are on our way. Maybe not this season, maybe not next, but one day, soon, very soon.
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    Only Wallace could score as good a goal as he did today and for it to get brushed under the carpet. In fact, even at game directly afterwards it was Sam who was getting a song sung. Wallace is stupidly under rated at Wednesday. You see that goal he scored, missed week in week out in professional football. He made that shot look very easy and only Wallace would have scored that goal today for us. Sublime technique from a sublime player. A wonderful free transfer.
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    I'm switching to the Blades...

    No, not like that. My future Father in Law (a Blade) has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. To raise money and awareness for prostate cancer (and for a bit of a laugh at my expense), I'm taking part in Football Aid on his behalf... For the Blades... For anyone who's not aware of Football Aid, what this basically means is that I have to wear full United kit and play at Bramall Lane with a bunch of other blades fans and two United legends (yet to be announced)...Yes, I did grit my teeth whilst writing that. In all seriousness, it's like they say, cancer has no colours, and the recent announcement of his illness has certainly put things in perspective for me. Three things to leave you with: If you'd like to donate, please visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/the-undercover-owl For the record, my Father in Law didn't have any symptoms of prostate cancer whatsoever, he just saw the adverts encouraging people to go and have a test and so did...So I'd encourage any males over 50 to have a checkup - just for your peace of mind! Apologies if this is the wrong section of the site to post this Thanks for reasing Owlstalkers!
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    CC v ET

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    Leeds Evening Post

    Phil Hay is and always has been very anti Wednesday. And incredibly biased towards Leeds. In his predictions for last season he had us down to get relegated. So leave it at that. He's an absolute c0ck womble.
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    Miserable moaning sods

    Seriously the lack of support, constant moaning and negativity is appalling. It's like now we have money the fans assume we have a divine right to turn up and watch up win 5-0 every week. Constant moaning and lack of support helps no one. We've battered the opposition again and it just wasn't our night. But in those circumstances with 15 minutes to go the kop should be roaring them on.
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    Mr Mercury

    Has David Hirst stormed out?

    They've only just reported that he left & signed for Southampton
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    Carvalhals boys,new painting,input appreciated

    Hello again wednesday fans,i have just started my latest owls piece,you can see me doing some initial sketches in the vid,i would appreciate your input as to who else to include,cheers
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    Forced out of Hillsborough

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    That bit of the South Stand will probably still remain netted off to protect us from......ourselves.
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    Wild Will Smith

    Atdhe International Debut Tonight?

    To be honest I'm proud of him. His nation was torn apart by war, he grew up in an adopted nation that he represented as a youth, he wore special boots and refused to celebrate when he scored against his father's nation and he's now finally been granted the opportunity to play for his birth nation. Made up for him. You go for it Atdhe.
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    Toxic Home Crowd

    Stop shouting in a football ground, everybody - a 6 year old can't handle it.
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    BIG D

    RIP Stevie Adams

    Just seen this on Facebook Stevie Adams born 07.09.1959, former pupil of Myers Grove, founder of Sheffield Wednesdays football in the community programme, former player with Scarborough FC, Doncaster Rovers, WorksopTown, Boston United, Johnny Quinns All stars and CEO of Tricky Wingers, sadly lost his fight against cancer this afternoon ninth Palliative care unit at NGH, Sheffield. Born an Owl,Lived as an Owl, Died an Owl. Deepest sympathies to Grace Adams, Helen Moxon and Christine Adams. Goodnight and RIP my friend.Alan Marshall I wasn't a close friend of Steves but met him while playing for Hillsborough Celtic back in the day (he was a lot better than me!) Tricky Wingers do great work in schools and have been at the school where Mrs BIG D works this afternoon. schools and have been. Sad
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    Dronfield Blue


    He's excellent. The service to him is p1$$ poor.
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    10 seconds that epitomised our season

    And it was probably something people have become numb to so didn't really register it It was about 25 minutes into the game last night, we were 1-0 down and it was within a minute of Jordan Rhodes getting polaxed infront of the south stand. We win a throw in probably about 15 yards away from the corner flag. Jack Hunt does a quick jog up to get the ball... he's not messing around he's going to throw it in quick. The crowd are baying for blood, spurring the team onward... we're angry, we're losing and Rhodes has been fouled for the third time in five minutes. He stands at the touchline for 10 seconds, not throwing the ball in... then turns, and throws it 20 yards backwards to Tom Lees. ...What? We're losing, the crowd is screaming and urging you on... attack. I love this whole passing and possession game more than most, but the whole point is that with that type of game you work the ball into a dangerous area... we're in the dangerous area guys, it's time to strike! But alas, I feel it sums up our season and entire mentality under Carlos for some time now... for the last 13/14 months or so, we've really not been very good at scoring goals. Yesterday was the first time I thought it was time for Carlos to go. We didn't look like a team yesterday. From about 30 minutes onwards, the tactic to me looked like we were hoping Buckley or someone would have a moment of brilliance. There was no direction, or team plan... just the hope that an individual would do something outstanding to carve open a chance. Compare it to Reading, who had a direction and purpose to their game, who attacked far more like a coherent unit rather than 7/8 individuals moving forward and hoping to make something. Let's be pragmatic, honest and fair. If Carlos doesn't get us up this season, he should probably be gone... especially when you compare resources spent to the other teams that are in or pushing for the play-offs. Does CC deserve at least until the end of the season? Normally I would say so, he deserves it for last season, but what's the benefit of keeping him longer? If there's a manager available, bringing him in now gives him the opportunity to properly assess the squad to plan for summer recruitment. Waiting will only hinder any future manager we might bring in. And if people want to say I'm being defeatest... that we're still in the play-offs and our season isn't over, you're very right. But at the end of the day, we've currently only won 3 of our 10 games against other teams in the top 7... it doesn't bode well for a play-off run in. Of course we could still do it, but in all likelihood we're going to miss out. I love the bloke, but I think perhaps it's time to realise he won't be the one that can get us promoted in the next 2/3 years, and realistically speaking we probably can't afford to wait much longer than that
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    Hillsborough Stadium 19:45 FRIDAY, 17 March 2017 TODAY’S OPPOSITES Did you know that biscuits were invented in Reading? In the days of the Vikings the area was ruled by Gunnar Øbnob. After a hard day of ferociously swinging his battle axe at anyone who so much as looked at him funny, he liked to relax in the evening by baking a few trays of rugged, crumbly biscuits. They quickly became a hit amongst his warriors and hundreds of years later are still the single most popular biscuits in the world. As William Wallace’s tartan hordes later made their violent forays down south, the recipe was captured by men desperate for something other than bloody oatcakes again. Production moved to the Highlands and was taken over by the McVitie clan. Back in Reading it’s suddenly 1856 and the bakers, Huntley and Palmer team up to invent the Jammy Dodger, Custard Cream, Bourbon and the Rich Tea - a remarkably plain and boring biscuit which actually managed to knock Hob Nobs off the top spot for a while. Its success mostly due to being queen Victoria’s favourite accompaniment to a nice sit down and a cup of tea. But after a particularly bad summer at the beginning of the 20th century, the wheat harvest failed. The inevitable resulting flour shortage was responsible for their demise and the factory was forced to make hundreds of employees redundant. To pass the time waiting for their dole cheques, the bored workers decided to start a football club and that’s how we come to be playing them today. MATCHDAY THINGS Official Matchday Pie: Sasso and Pudil Official Matchday Drink: Even more beer Official Matchday Song: “The Payback” by James Brown… Sheffield Wednesday striker Fernando Forestieri is likely to remain sidelined by a knee injury. Defender Vincent Sasso starts a three-game suspension, but Tom Lees could return after missing nine games with a knee injury. Reading hope to have defenders Liam Moore (hamstring) and Paul McShane (back) available after injury. Midfielders Liam Kelly and Jordon Mutch are both doubts with hamstring problems and Tiago Ilori remains out. Head To Head ▪ After winning three in a row against the Royals between November 2013 and September 2014, the Owls have failed to win any of the last four (D2 L2). ▪ Reading have won just two league games in their nine visits to Hillsborough between 1977 and 2015, with both wins arriving in 2009. ▪ Sheffield Wednesday have scored more goals in the 90th minute or later than any other Championship side this season (9). ▪ The Owls have seen nine opposition players sent off in the Championship this season; three more than any other side in the division. ▪ Reading have failed to score in four of their past five matches in the Championship, including their past three in a row away from home. ▪ Sheffield Wednesday have conceded a goal in each of their past seven league games - they haven't conceded in eight in succession within the Championship since May 2014. KING CARLOS’ PEARLS OF WISDOM “We are concentrated now on this game on Friday, we will try to recover the maximum players we can that missed the last game. But we will be strong. It’s a massive game to us, our players will react because we are not happy after the last game. But we will react very fast. We don’t want excuses, on Friday we will be strong. We are still running in the competition to achieve a good position. Tom Lees started training with the team last Friday, he didn’t feel any reaction so we will do normal training during the week and let’s see if he is available to us. Glenn felt a problem on the back but we have good expectations for the next game. Fernando felt a pain on the knee, he wasn’t available to play last game. We will see if he can recover or not to Friday. If they don’t recover, we have solutions to play. We don’t want excuses. Friday, we will be there.” For us, it is all about moving higher up the table. On Friday we know we can do this with victory. We can move to fifth position and this is where we are aiming. But this will be a tough game, for Reading and us. It is the first of nine games we have to go and we are ready. We have prepared very well all week and we are looking forward to this game. The break will come at a very good time for us and it will be the same with other teams in the division. The Championship is very, very demanding playing Saturday, Tuesday and Saturday so to get the chance to rest and recover before the final games is a very good thing. Everybody is battling for different reasons and the one common thing will be the intensity of these final games. Every team will be giving their maximum and Sheffield Wednesday will be there the same, giving nothing less than 100%.” MINTYNESS We are here to fight…
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    2 Types of Fan

    Think I'll wait till this comes out on Kindle.
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    testimonial for Semedo

    Testimonials were traditionally given to players who had been at a club for 10 years (to reward their loyalty and lack of signing on fees for moving around) - or one who had suffered a premature career end through injury. Jose has been with us 6 years - been extremely well paid - and should have plenty of money salted away for his retirement if hes managed his finances correctly. No need for a testimonial - great professional that he is
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    Villa Park 15:00 Saturday, 07 March 2017 TODAY’S OPPOSITES Aston Villa are well famous and have won loads of cups and that. Mostly due to also being Burnley and West Ham. In the olden days, they were financed by the owner of Britains first ever Birmingham based fried chicken takeaway. Here is a picture of the FA Cup winning team from 1905. In 1980, Col. Sanders died of being an old man and the club had to be sold to pay for his extravagant funeral. In came a certain Mr Lerner, owner of the Cleveland Hash Browns - apart from the influx of cash, this ensured there were some funny looking American style chips to go with the chicken. Unfortunately, Lerner’s pledge to bring in Chuck Norris as a striker never came to fruition and he was forced out by the baying mob. Bankrupt and destitute, he turned into a ghost shortly afterwards. Villa were now also in serious financial difficulties and ended up being sold for 65p to a bloke known only as “Chinese Tony”. In an attempt to rebuild and cut costs, the players were told there would be no more fried chicken or spliffs and they were getting plain instant noodles instead. Unsurprisingly, Villa had their worse season of all time. Accumulating just 7 points, they were relegated to the Championship. And that’s how we come to be playing them today! MATCHDAY THINGS Official Matchday Pie: Chicken Balti Official Matchday Drink: Whatever sort of beer they drink in the Midlands. 16 pints of that. Official Matchday Song: Treasure by Sounds From The Ground… Aston Villa will be missing a number of players but right-back Alan Hutton (knee) could return. Midfielders Jack Grealish, Birkir Bjarnason and Andre Green all remain out with knee injuries. Sheffield Wednesday midfielders Sam Hutchinson, Almen Abdi, Ross Wallace and Callum McManaman all face fitness tests. Striker Steven Fletcher could come back into the first 11 after coming off the bench in the draw with Burton. Head To Head ▪ After a run of nine games without a win, Steve Bruce's side have won three of their last four Championship games, although they did lose narrowly in midweek at Huddersfield. ▪ Sheffield Wednesday won on their last trip to Villa Park in November 2001 - a 1-0 League Cup fourth-round win after a goal by Efan Ekoku. ▪ Ross Wallace has scored in his last two Championship games for the Owls - the last time he scored in three consecutive league games was with Burnley in November 2011. ▪ Jonathan Kodjia has scored 37% of Aston Villa's league goals this season (13 out of 35). Only Leeds' Chris Wood (44%) and Bristol City's Tammy Abraham (40%) have scored a higher percentage for their club. ▪ The Owls have scored in 31 of their 36 league games this season, the highest percentage in the division (86%). KING CARLOS’ PEARLS OF WISDOM “It will be a difficult game. Before the last game they won three in a row. Playing at Villa Park is a big motivation for the players and managers and we know all the time that Villa are a tough team. They are a massive club that are not in a good position at the moment but the value is there. Understanding this, we expect a tough game but we will be ready. We like these kind of games, our players like these kind of games and we will be ready. All the time, these kind of teams are a big threat but we are fully focused and with motivation. We didn’t finish the last game in a poor situation, we had 70% possession, a lot of crosses, a lot of shots, we are in a good position and have every reason to feel positive ahead of the game.” MINTYNESS We are here to fight…
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    The Owls vs Burton. Official Matchday Thread.

    Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield 19:45 Tuesday, 07 March 2017 TODAY’S OPPOSITES When they are not necking gallons of their locally brewed supercharged beer, the people of Burton also like to make three piece suits for each other. These suits are made from self cleaning artificial fibres and perfect for getting drunk in. It doesn’t matter if you fall in a puddle or down a grate into someone’s coal cellar, you will always look smashing whilst wearing one. The Burtonians also have another popular hobby. As usual, it first involves supping loads and loads of ale and then driving a spaceship at faster than light speed. This causes the fabric of space and time to go all bendy and weird. Then, the participants return to their hometown at some point in the distant future, where they meet the monkey version of Helena Bonham Carter behind the chip shop and snog her. Burton invented Snowboards in 1972 as a way of getting to the pub really quickly in bad weather and they also have a football team, which is how we come to be playing them today! MATCHDAY THINGS Official Matchday Pie: Steak and Ale Official Matchday Drink: 16 pints of Old Flapwrecker Official Matchday Song: The Organization with “Smokey Feeling”… Sheffield Wednesday midfielder Sam Hutchinson is a doubt after going off with a knock in the 5-1 victory against Norwich on Saturday. Fellow midfielder Almen Abdi missed the win over the Canaries and could miss out again. Burton have doubts over striker Marvin Sordell (bitten on the ankle by a terrier) and defender Ben Turner (bitten on the neck by a vampire) after the duo picked up knocks in the goalless draw at Bristol City. Any old full back John Brayford (bitten on the arse by the monkey version of Helena Bonham Carter) is unlikely to return. Head To Head ▪ This season's reverse fixture was the first competitive meeting between Sheffield Wednesday and Burton Albion. ▪ The Brewers came out victorious in that game back in August, with goals from Kyle McFadzean, Jackson Irvine and Lloyd Dyer earning them a 3-1 win. ▪ Fernando Forestieri scored one and assisted another two goals in Sheffield Wednesday's 5-1 win over Norwich at the weekend. ▪ Each of Burton's last three league games have ended all-square. KING CARLOS’ PEARLS OF WISDOM “I do not want to talk about individuals because this was all about the team. Every single player did so well and so for me, that was our best performance in terms of the goals we have scored. We have played other very good team performances, such as twice against Huddersfield, at Newcastle, Aston Villa to name some, but today the goals went in and we are happy. We were very good all over the pitch. Keiren Westwood was solid, the defence was solid, the midfield was very, very good and the strikers worked for absolutely everything. This was our best performance and I think it was the best performance by our fans too. The atmosphere was fantastic and for that, we say thank you. We have six games left to play at Hillsborough and this is what we need, so much positive energy.” MINTYNESS We are here to fight…
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    The Owls vs Norwich. Official Matchday Thread.

    Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield 15:00 Saturday, 04 March 2017 TODAY’S OPPOSITES The Norwich dialect is proudly among the most impenetrable in the UK. This is entirely due to the local mistrust of outsiders or 'Faarners' as they're known locally - the dialect has been carefully honed over many centuries in order to make precisely no sense whatsoever to anyone not born within a day's tractor drive of the city centre. When you are in Norfolk it is customary and polite to chew with your mouth open, and spit bits of food on the person opposite you. In Norwich the noise level of conversation ranges from shout to yell. Culturally, this is due to generations of the people of Norwich and Norfolk working with farm machinery whirring away in the background, as it still does today. A few language tips . The usual greeting in Norfolk follows; "Ha y' alruigh boi?" Translation: How are you? "Ha y' guwn duwn the markut?" Translation: Are you going to the Market? "Oy new tha' it snew cus I jus driv there." Translation: I know that it has snowed because I have just driven from there. "New, oi han' seen em hev yew?" Translation: no I haven't seen him/them have you? Norwich is also known for its mediocre football team, Norwich City [pron. Naarrch Settee]. It is mandatory for all spectators to dress in budgie outfits in support of the football teams emblem. They are also asked to bring cans of polish as the empty trophy cupboards dust is a killer to remove. Luckily, we don’t have to go to their ground today as they are coming to visit us! Now, GIT ORF MOY LAAAAND! MATCHDAY THINGS Official Matchday Pie: Canary and Onion Official Matchday Drink: Your chance to take part in the first 16 Pint Challenge for March 2017. Get in! Official Matchday Song: “When The Sun Goes Down” by Lack Of Afro… Sheffield Wednesday striker Gary Hooper could return after being out since mid-November because of a thigh injury. Defender Morgan Fox is a doubt, having gone off at half-time in the Leeds loss after returning from an ankle injury. Norwich midfielder Youssouf Mulumbu could be back in contention for the match between two Championship play-off hopefuls following a thigh problem. Steven Naismith of the Monkees featured last weekend after injury, while Matt Jarvis is recovering from a hamstring strain. Head To Head ▪ After a run of eight straight league victories over Norwich between 2005 and 2009, the Owls are since winless in their most recent three (D2 L1). ▪ Norwich's last league win at Hillsborough dates back to December 2001, having drawn two and lost four of their six trips in league competition since. ▪ The Owls lost their last home league game to Brentford - they have never lost back to back home league games under Carlos Carvalhal; they last did so in April 2014 under Stuart Gray. ▪ Despite this, the Owls have won six of their last eight league matches at Hillsborough (D1 L1). ▪ Only Birmingham (16) have conceded more headed goals than Norwich in the Championship this season (15) KING CARLOS’ PEARLS OF WISDOM “It is a crucial moment of the season, it won’t decide anything but it will be very important. It’s important we put everybody together to achieve points and to stay in a good position. Next month will be a good challenge to us, it’s important that our fans play their part in this challenge, we need them for sure. We must be focused in all the games because they are all a threat and at the end, we will see what we achieved. The most important is that we must run, fight and try to play. In the Leeds game, I thought we did this and that is a good signal because if we are like this, we will achieve more victories. Everybody wants the same from the players to the fans. Let’s put everyone together and try to push everyone up. Let’s be positive to achieve something. We have had one week to prepare for the game, form a strategy and recover henergy so we will be ready to a difficult match. The teams that are relegated are all the time the strongest sides in my opinion. More important, we respect a lot Norwich but look to ourselves to improve our football, to upgrade our football and play better and better. This game is different comparing with recent games. We have played five games in the last 15 days and in the last two, we didn’t play in the same circumstances. Even with this in the last game, we played face by face with Leeds and were the better side on the pitch in my opinion. We understand the opponent is strong but they will play against a strong team of the competition also. We play at home and expect good support from our fans during this last part of the season. We need the help of everybody. MINTYNESS We are here to fight…
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    Hutchinson 31 Matches

    Back in August @Student Owl said "I'm willing to put a £20 bet to children's hospital that Hutch makes 30 or more appearances this season if he is first choice CB, and if he's not first choice CB, a £20 bet to children's hospital that his combined appearances and times as an unused sub but nonetheless (relatively) fit and on the bench is 35 or more. I'm game if you are." To which I said: "I am willing to make that bet and I hope I have to pay it. I also really hope Tom Lees doesn't get injured" On Saturday, Student Owl then sent me a PM stating "Our Sam's all set to make his 31st appearance today, I was just wondering if you'd class that as worthy of a payout or if he needs to take it to 35 games (As he's not technically first choice CB ). Also, depending on if we're waiting or if we're just going ahead and saying bet's over now... do you want to do this on the down low all hush hush, or are you OK with me making a thread in Matchday shouting out at how I'm endlessly wise and how great Sam is etc. OR do you wanna do a thread meekly and humbly accepting defeat?" I have decided to start a thread meekly and humbly accepting defeat. I will PM studentowl with proof of payment. HOWEVER, Hutch went off injured on Saturday - I think we can all agree that is Student Owl's fault for tempting fate with his PM on Saturday.
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    Hope the Owls make it up this Season!

    All the best for the run in. Always had a soft spot for the Owls! Celtic fan btw. Hope to get to a game soon. Good luck!
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    Sorry, Adam Reach....

    Decent chance he will start on Tuesday. Squad rotation. I know a lot of fans have it in for Reach but I think he's a good player. OK, he's no FF but good in a different way.
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    Triple O

    Well done "Moaners"

    So let me see if I understand this right. The usual moaners haven't got anything to moan about this week so, instead, they are claiming the win today is down to their continual moaning. Priceless
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    Champo! FM!!

    Marco Matias
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    BIG D

    Fulham - Not Possible

    How can they only draw against Blackburn? The big girls blouses on here have been warning us since Saturday that they would be above us tonight and it was all over. Funny old game and perhaps they aren't all that?
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    Leeds Evening Post

    Stopped reading at Leeds
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    fake head injuries

    Absolutely.....and it's creeping in to kids football as well.....constantly hearing parents and coaches screaming for refs to stop the game for "head injuries" if im reffing and this happens I stop the game (consequences of not doing if it is serious leaves you no option) and make the kid go off for 10 minutes to be assessed.....bearing in mind it's supposed to be a 2 week rest for a serious head injury I'd like to see refs do the same in the professional game.....if they are trying to con the ref then 10 minutes with a man down (or enforced sub) is a decent deterrent and if it was serious then 10 minutes out of the game is the least that should be happening anyway
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    2 assists 1 goal (beauty ) 11 for the season. What a man
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    Design the 150th (3rd Strip) Shirt - OFFICIAL

    Literally took me about half an hour on my dinner break, can't believe it won.
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    Why I'd Sack Carlos

    The football pure and simple. Anyone that goes home and away will tell you, the football with the exception of probably half a dozen performances this season has been from below par to dire. We are being charged a premium to watch what should be (with the players at our disposal) good football. Not necessarily winning football, that's never a given, but a style of play that makes you go home with a smile on your face. For the vast part I spend my time driving back to York feeling angry and frustrated by the quality/performances on offer. My gripes 1) The continual slow starts at home 2) The slow tempo in our build up play that allows the opposition to get back in numbers 3) The persistence of using the full back/winger overlap when for the vast majority of the season we use wingers who cant beat the full back through pace or skill 4) When teams park the bus at home ie Burton, we continued with two centre halves when they changed to just one up front 5) With the exception of Forestieri I don't see one good bit of transfer business, ie we can sell a player for more than we paid 6) No plan B, when a team is getting the better of us on the flanks or our game plan isn't working, simply carry on regardless 7) The refusal to use any of our good young players in cameo roles, ie Nuhiu and Fletcher on bench, you don't need both of them, 29 goal George Hirst should be on the bench So apart from poor tactics, poor transfer business and an overall poor season from an entertainment point of view, what reason is there to keep Carlos at the helm? I would rather BULLY oversee the rest of the season and try to bring in a breath of fresh air for the remaining games.
  42. 42 points

    Winnall abuse

    God I hope he scores and rams it down their inbred sister-shaggin throats
  43. 42 points

    Sam winnall

    Worked his socks off today and helped to give Rhodes some space for his goals. Well done lad.
  44. 41 points

    Tipping Point Tonight

    A late equaliser would have only papered over the cracks of yet another tactically inept performance. We're so easy to play against, and so boring to watch. The hallmarks are there.
  45. 40 points

    Thanks for the memories Carlos

    But you've been found out and with an International Break coming now is the time to roll the dice and say thanks but goodbye.
  46. 40 points

    Kieran Lee injury update

    Not really an update, is it?
  47. 40 points

    Home Kit

    Not grown on me at all. Bring back the stripes please.
  48. 39 points

    9 games to go

    how about we try something radical stop the toxic atmosphere at Hillsborough...the moans and groans every time a pass goes astray the divs on here who cant wait for a bad result so they can mump and moan shut the f up (or better still venture out from behind their keyboards and actually go to a game) Carlos isn't leaving now despite the cry babies shouting for his head how about we create some positivity and will us over the line? radical I know
  49. 38 points

    photo caption

    Does that smell of netball player?
  50. 38 points

    testimonial for Semedo

    If we have a testimonial for Semedo and all the money goes to charity then fair enough, Not a legend in my eyes but If say St Lukes Hospice benefits from it then that's a good thing. If any of the money goes into Semedo back pocket (And I think I am right in saying this will be tax free) then its a big fat no from me. In this day and age when even average lower league players like Semedo can earn probably £6k per week think it is obscene that they ask the public to put more money into they retirement nest egg. Please note this is not a particular go at Semedo but testimonials in general.