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  1. Taken the image from another thread but can see where the cooling towers were in relation to the ground a little clearer
  2. If hey think we are 'a terrible team' they are in for a right shock when they play the likes of Rotherham and Barnsley! They have been spoils with premier league football for far too long that they don't have a clue what thus league is about. They are in for a rude awakening when teams don't come at them like we did and have 11 men behind the ball.
  3. Mine dropped through the door today. Block 233 with my dad and uncle. Can't wait now, come on Wednesday!
  4. Paid £10 to park on someone's drive in Stanmore. 11 minutes on train and after match while majority is going back in to London I'm going other way and off...
  5. I've done exactly the same as you. £10 to park on someone's drive in Stanmore.
  6. "We are Premier League, say we are Premier League" "We are going up, say we are going up" "We're going up, we're going up, we're going. Wednesday's going up"
  7. Saw John harkes in Meadowhall when I was about 11 and nervously followed him around until he said hello. Used to see David hirst driving around Barnsley all the time posing in his Porsche Saw Ian Nolan walking through Barnsley town centre. Used to live around the corner from Michail Antonio and used to see him driving around Darton and Mapplewell in Barnsley. Saw Chris o'grady taking his kids to school in Darton. See Paul heckingbottom every Wednesday when comes swimming with his kids. Got him to do the opening of the gym and he gave me his email address to arrange it. Rather embarrassingly i lost the piece of paper he wrote it on but doesn't take a genius to work out what it is. Actually found the piece of paper a few weeks ago down the side of the sofa!
  8. You can't beat teddy's flying around the kop if you ask me. Happy days!
  9. Steve Cranston Steve Whitton
  10. Simon Grayson Adam Poric Michele di piedi
  11. Quite enjoyed that to be honest. Not sure it would have had the same appeal without the Wednesday references but fair play to them for the story line.
  12. I was in the Peter Taylor stand sat right on the front row next to the tunnel. Moved further back for the 2nd half cos the view was shocking. There were a few Wednesday fans in there that were clapping the team off at full time. I managed to keep quiet but stood up for the 3rd goal, got away with it as loads more did but that was to leave!
  13. Got to sit with my father in law in the home end. Can't say I'm happy about it or looking forward to it but at least I get to see the match. Allocation is appauling. We should start to give clubs like forest and Derby what they give us. See how they like it.
  14. Our pre match and half time entertainment is abysmal. Any pre match chanting is drowned out by loud music so nobody bothers to continue and half time could be so much better.
  15. Got my ticket for the forest end next week. First time in the home end, can't say I'm looking forward to it!