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#5842578 Sheffield Wednesday fan banned for three years

Posted by Halfway-owl on 09 February 2015 - 12:26 PM

I wonder if hes thought about a peeling.
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#6257077 Working on New Club Badge and Away Shirt

Posted by southportdc on 02 September 2015 - 09:28 AM



Let them have it for free.

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#6297414 Photoshop Competition - Carlos Edition

Posted by Whitechapel Owl on 27 September 2015 - 10:25 PM

Head off.gif

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#6006758 Good Morning Owls.

Posted by Swindon on Tour on 08 May 2015 - 12:11 PM

I guess you enjoyed the game last night ?
The song "you're just a poo poo Sheffield Wednesday" didn't go down with the locals :)

Not over yet but still a most enjoyable evening capped off with one of their fans kicking a bin after the game and watching him hobble home with an injured trotter.

Take care and enjoy the summer. If only we could meet next season but as said a long way to go.

Up the Wednesday.
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#6185484 Just Picked up Alex Lopez

Posted by TaxiMark on 03 August 2015 - 02:00 PM

Really decent guy, he's looking forward to the Bristol game saying 'we win',(his english is quite poor) anyway he seems to like it here and when I asked him what he was looking for beyond his loan spell here he replied that he wanted to see how it goes here but he doesn't know what will happen (well from what I could make out anyway)


Looks happy to be here anyway and thought I'd share this on here.




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#6160878 Scoreboard pic

Posted by pauli on 22 July 2015 - 07:01 PM

Another one...



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#6293548 Photoshop Competition - Carlos Edition

Posted by alanharper on 26 September 2015 - 11:19 AM

emperor copy.jpg

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#6262802 Film GIF Megathread 2015

Posted by Whitechapel Owl on 05 September 2015 - 11:02 PM

Gus Gus Nuhiu.gif

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#6160694 Scoreboard pic

Posted by pauli on 22 July 2015 - 05:41 PM


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#5862120 February 18th 2012...Where It All Began...

Posted by eDDie on 18 February 2015 - 10:33 AM


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#6298698 Photoshop Competition - Carlos Edition

Posted by areNOTwhatTHEYseem on 28 September 2015 - 08:08 PM

Comfort Food.png

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#6257193 Working on New Club Badge and Away Shirt

Posted by Adem Poric on 02 September 2015 - 10:24 AM

New Badge.jpg
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#6145046 WAWAW

Posted by KivoOwl on 16 July 2015 - 07:03 PM

Can we put the final nail in the coffin of this ridiculous mantra now?


Over the years I've really felt like WAWAW meant something.


Away support, Wednesdayite's Smile tickets, Owls in the Park, Community programme - all that is good about this club - all in it together to push us forward. Brilliant. We're All Wednesday.


Yesterday we were given the news that for our opening day fixture, the cheapest seat in the house for an adult would cost £39.


Initially, most people showed their disgust at such a price hike, and even most of those who somehow understood the pricing were sympathetic towards those who would no longer be able to go.


Today however, we've seen dozens of sickening posts that have well and truly dented the 'WAWAW' tag. They've not tried to justify the prices with logic, they've just set out to alienate other Wednesday fans.



'If you can't afford it, tough'


'You should have bought a season ticket'


'Go and watch Rotherham instead'


'You don't have the right to go and watch Wednesday'


'It's business now, if you can't afford it we don't need you'


'You just need to save up a bit more - it's only a couple of pints'



What sort of attitude is that towards your fellow Wednesdayite? Your fellow Wednesdayite who is worrying about not being able to watch the boys in blue and white?


It's been utterly galling to see so many Wednesday fans pull the ladder up and exclaim 'I'm alright Jack'.


WAWAW? Only, it seems, if you can afford to go the matches.

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#5776709 Well Done Milan Mandaric

Posted by Arthur Bach on 10 January 2015 - 04:54 PM

Since the day he walked into the club he has acted with dignity and integrity.


Took the gamble on appointing Stuart Gray, someone who divides opinion including myself who I think sells himself short.


Supported the club, supported the manager with a generous transfer and wage budget.


Kept us prudent and within FFP rules, no wasting money and being reckless.


Into New Year and four points off play-offs.


Best Wednesday chairman in a generation.

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#3693059 Ola Tidman- A Career In Pictures

Posted by US_Owl on 14 May 2012 - 12:04 PM

Well, it's been a while, but to celebrate our promotion and general excellence, I thought a trip down memory lane to remember one of our past masters was appropriate.

Today sees the spotlight fall upon a goalkeeper, a custodian of the onion bag the quality of which has never been seen at Hillsborough, either before or after his illustrious career at the club. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr Ola Tidman.

Posted Image

Ola Tidman, born November 6th in Fareham, is a true Sheffield Wednesday legend. Tidman began his career at the club after signing professional terms in 1985, making his debut against Southampton on 5th September 1987. All in all, Tidman spent 19 years at the club, making over 200 Premier League appearances.

Posted Image
Tidman playing in a Premier League game against London-based club Southampton. Note the ungainly bulge in his shirt- all will be revealed.......

Tidman's early career was unspectacular- a decent shot-stopper with an eye for the ladies and a hungry passion for rum-based cocktails. However, it soon became apparent that Tidman was struggling- missing crosses and allowing shots to go in that would have been meat and drink to a proper goalkeeper. Tidman lost his place before the 1993 Cup Finals to fellow 'keeper Chris Adamson, and a barrage of tests followed. Later that year, Tidman was diagnosed with Shitkeepers Disease, a rare and debilitating condition that mean that he couldn't see footballs.

A spell on the sidelines followed. "He almost quit" said his agent, Archie Bedwetter. "I had to convince him to keep going, but it seemed hopeless. He had to listen for the ball being kicked, and then dive where he thought it had gone. Opposition fans started kicking smuggled balls around in the stands, and Ola would flip about like a hooker in the back of Peter Sutcliffe's van. It was embarassing."

Posted Image

Nearly There: Tidman flails for a cross in the midst of his off-field problems- Manchester United striker Dwight Yorke awaits the rebound

Fellow goalkeepers rallied around Tidman, desperate to see him returned to his former state. Long time sufferers of Shitkeepers Disease did everything they could- QPR's Sieb Dykstra and Manchester United's Raymond Van Der Gouw- both crippled by the condition- raised £10,000 to help by doing a sponsored seal cull. "I might not be able to see a football" Van Der Gouw screamed, "But i can bash the living f*ck out of these fat little bast*rds, no problem"

But Tidman was desperate. The money raised did no good, spend on fake medicines and thieving gypsy bast*rds who pretended to know a cure. Common gypsy folklore suggested that eating pickled mammals could cure the condition. Tidman tried tham of all sizes, but finally gave up after eating 3 badgers at a local campsite. Waking the day after, he had sh*t the bed and was no better. He cursed the gypsies and spent the last of his money on hiring Neil Ruddock and John Scales to visit the Gypsies. A week later, the gypsies had gone, and Ruddock had opened a new second hand caravan showroom. Scales kept the dogs and children.

Dejected, Tidman retired from the game in 1998, and moved into the Shitkeepers Disease Asylum in Bicester, where he shared a room with Pavel Srnicek. Ola and Pavel became great friends, and would while the hours away listening to The Vengaboys, swapping stories of Bacchanalian orgies and eating pickled shrews in desperation.

But then, one day, a visitor to the Asylum gave Ola the cure he was looking for. It was his old friend and team-mate Chris Adamson, carrying a shoebox and wearing a cheeky grin on his ruggedly handsome face. Adamson explained that he was a long term sufferer of Shitkeepers Disease, and has forged himself a successful international career by using a "spotter"- basically a small man hidden in his matchday kit, telling him where to dive. Adamson opened the box, and inside, a little dirty from his forced imprisonment, was Graham Hyde.

Knowing his task, Hyde climbed snugly into Tidman's clothing, and the man was reborn. Ola checked out of the asylum that day, re-signed for the Owls, and the second half of his career began. Srnicek was found later that day, four pickled Water Voles lodged in his gullet. Adamson had said that there must be no witnesses. Adamson himself was found 2 days later in an abandoned mine, mice stuffed in his facial orifices and his underpants on backwards.

Posted Image
Back In The Limelight: Tidman returns from his "injury"- Graham Hyde neatly cuddled in his jersey, squeaking instructions and eating a pack of Toffo's.

Tidman was a revelation- his form contributed to a Golden Era in Sheffield Wednesday history. He soon received International callups for both England and Switzerland- Sepp Blatter ruled that he was good enough to play for both.
Indeed, in 2002 he played in goal for both countries as they played each other at Plough Lane, keeping clean sheets at both ends, and saving a penalty that he himself took. Hyde was certainly earning his biscuits and milkshakes.

"Best keeper i've ever seen" said Steve Ogrizovic, speaking from his prison cell (please see the career of Kim Olsen for more details) "Dave Beasant and I used to go watch him play, it was great. After the game, we'd queue up for his autograph. He always emerged in lycra, sexy-hot if you ask me, walking a small dog of some kind, which always walked on 2 legs. Weird. I'd ask for his autograph, and he would spit in my face. Worth the entrance fee on it's own. Dave would lick it off my face and we'd go for a pint and a curry"

Posted ImageThe Misery- Tidman flails blindly for a ball after a bust up with Hyde- Arsenal's Thierry Henri the goalscorer. Danny Maddix looks on in fury.

Tidman became an international superstar. A new phenomenon, "Tidmania" swept the globe, and Ola was the man every manager wanted. "We tried to sign him" said Milan boss Arrigo Sacchi. "But he was well out of our price range. I spoke to him in Brussels one time, he arrived in his own jet, and brought a little man in a dog carrier. The small fella did the negotiating, it was weird. They wanted things we couldn't get, biscuits made by children, water that had never seen daylight before, and Ashley Westwood's ownership of the Vatican. These were things we just couldnt do. They were cross, naturally. Before he left, Tidman f*cked my wife and daughter, and the little man did a sh*t in my Yorkshire Puddings. This had been pre-arranged"

But everything was not rosy in the Tidman household. Fiercely protective of Hyde, Tidman forced him to sleep in a kennel in the cellar, only bringing him out on matchdays. Hyde began feeding him false information, and before long Tidman was letting in shots that Steven Hawking would have got his hands to. Tidman released Hyde into the wild, convinced he could manage alone, but soon he was back to his miserable worst.

Desperate, he tried replacement spotters: Dennis Wise, Wim Jonk, Barry Horne- but none of them were as good as Hyde. Tidman sent his nights in the back garden, singing Hyde's favourite B*Witched songs and throwing fragments of custard cremes into the bushes. Hyde never returned.

Posted ImageUseless: Guided by a rubbish Mark Stein, Tidman fails miserably.

Tidman was released by Wednesday after a scrape with the law. Broken by his loss of fame and fortune, he was found in a Chinese takeaway in Todmorden, dressed in a suit made entirely of beetles wings, sobbing and cradling a tiny blonde male doll. When the Police arrived, he flicked sh*t at them and fled, only caught when a stray football from a nearby park poleaxed him in the knackers, unseen by the weeping Tidman.

Ola Tidman now resides in the Shitkeepers Asylum, rooming with Tony Coton and Craig Forrest. Occasionally, a tiny blonde man can be spotted outside his window late at night, spitefully hurling footballs though the window and eating Digestives. The Police are yet to catch him.

Brave Ex- Sheffield Wednesday warrior, we salute you!
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#6293630 Photoshop Competition - Carlos Edition

Posted by areNOTwhatTHEYseem on 26 September 2015 - 12:27 PM

Unfortunately I dint know how too we Photoshop. I'm very surprised that nobody has made a superman CC yet


Just for you, jonesy87shef...


Super Carlos.png

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#6293384 Photoshop Competition - Carlos Edition

Posted by areNOTwhatTHEYseem on 26 September 2015 - 09:04 AM

We have some very talented and witty Photoshoppers on here, so when I saw this image of Carvalhal, one thing instantly sprang to mind...Owlstalk Photoshop competition!


Here's the original image:




Have at it!


I'll get the ball rolling with superstar DJ Carlos Cox throwing some shapes behind the decks...


Carlos DJ.png


Edit: Quite why I named this 'caption competition', when I clearly meant 'Photoshop competition', I have no idea! If a kindly mod wants to update the title, that would be lovely.

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#6105602 Carlos Carvalhal, Mr Chansiri & the new regime : Some Perspective

Posted by Mick De Lyons on 01 July 2015 - 01:19 PM

In recent weeks Mr Chansiri and the new regime have come in for some negative criticism, which was essentially caused by the lack of information coming out of Hillsborough with regards to the appointment of a new manager / head coach. This has now been resolved with the appointment of Carlos Carvalhal, yet i detect that there is still some cynicism hanging in the air and doubts about the new head coach, Mr Chansiri and the new regime as a whole. This is understandable as it's a break from tradition, but i do think that some of the observations or comments have been over exaggerated, to the point where people seem to view the club as almost going backwards in recent weeks and days. I think it's time for rational thought and some proper perspective.
First off, Mr Chansiri bought the club for 37 million pounds. He paid off all the outstanding loans against the Hillsborough stadium and has effectively made us debt free. He has installed a new state of the art high tech desso pitch to the tune of around 1.5 million. He is also installing a new scoreboard which will have also cost a fair amount of money. Mr Chansiri has not invested near on 40 million pounds to stagnate and go backwards. Sure, there will be mistakes and that is bound to happen, but Mr Chansiri is trying to move the club forward with a new regime that is copied from the continent and is slowly being implemented by other British teams. The day's of the traditional coaching / management systems are drawing to an end.
Last season Gray did a decent job. We had a good defence and finished in a comfortable mid table position. However, the style of play was abysmal, only managing five wins all season at Hillsborough. Gray was never going to be the man to take us forward, even with a a bigger budget. His football philosophy was caution first and to do well the opposite approach is required. I think that Gray walked over not having total say over which players came to the club, but i also think that Mr Chansiri did listen to the fans and would have been aware that they were not happy with the approach and overall style of play last season. I think its important to not only be successful, but to also give entertainment at the same time. This will hopefully be rectified next season.
Fans are dubious about Carvalhal, primarily because he has had a lot of clubs and some not ending well at all. However, there is a different culture in Europe regarding coaches. The turn over is even higher than it is in this country. Sometimes a manager / coach doesn't suit a particular club or group of players. Carvalhal seems to have occupied quite a few "caretaker" positions and it's not uncommon for a club to seek a new coach after only one season in Europe. He does seem to have earned a decent reputation as a coach and i don't think that clubs like Sporting Lisbon and Besiktas would even entertain a coach if they thought he was totally unfit for the job. Put it this way, do you think that Gray will be sought out by the likes of Sporting and Besiktas this summer ? I highly doubt they will be.
Fans also seem to be concerned about the standard of player that we are bringing in, even though we have only signed two players, Lachman and Sasso. Comments have been made that they have only come from "average" European clubs and haven't played many games. These players have not been signed from "average" European teams. Braga is a top side in Portugal and Twente are a top side Holland, hence quality players and a struggle to get regular playing time. As someone said " Braga would beat Liverpool over a two leg tie in a European competition". Don't expect Chansiri to pay out millions, because that is unnecessary, but he will get in better quality players. I do have to remind people that Buxton, Zayette, Kelhar, Coke, Maghoma, Madine etc, weren't that great in all honesty.
lastly, the new "committee" has raised a few eyebrows and this again is a new approach that fans need to get used to. Responsibility will now be delegated to different people, responsible for different roles. Primarily, the signings will be the responsibility of the committee, though i am sure that there will be intense discussions involving all parties, particularly Carvalhal. Mistakes will be made and as the club progresses and different needs arise, then the shape, outlook and structure of the committee will change. The new regime is now in place. The committee is there, the new head coach is there, signings are being made and we have to, as i am sure you will agree, put any doubts to one side and support the club 110%. So, let's try and curb the sniping cynicism and look forward to an exciting season.

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