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#5162219 Attention All Photoshoppers - Bladesman Culture Edition

Posted by dan27 on 17 February 2014 - 10:39 PM


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#5162873 Attention All Photoshoppers - Bladesman Culture Edition

Posted by Blue2 on 18 February 2014 - 12:09 PM


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#5524257 Cocaine and Hookers, the key to Stuart Gray's success? - Photoshop Thread

Posted by evaD on 27 August 2014 - 07:16 PM


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#5362686 Congratulations and THANKYOU Milan Mandaric

Posted by Grandad on 10 June 2014 - 03:13 PM

 "On my first day at the Club I promised the supporters two things; firstly I would ensure that when I left we would be in far better shape than when I arrived and more importantly, that I would only hand over ownership when I found the right man for the Club and I sincerely believe I have delivered on both undertakings."


Sincere congratulations to Milan Mandaric on securing this takeover at our club. No one (and I mean NO ONE including some of your worst critics and doubters who know who they are) can deny that you have indeed delivered on your promises made to the supporters of this club, and I am proud that throughout your tenure I never lost faith in you delivering that.


You have done something that only one person* in our history has ever done before. You have made Sheffield Wednesday into a saleable asset. You have stabilised the club and its finances, and you have moved the team forward slowly but surely. You have invested in developing an academy that will develop players for the future of our club.


I would like to thank you for your leadership, and that of Paul Aldridge.






* obviously the other person that turned us into a saleable asset was the man who made it necessary for you to buy us. For £1. The less said about him the better.

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#5163159 Attention All Photoshoppers - Bladesman Culture Edition

Posted by BobTheDogTheOwl on 18 February 2014 - 02:35 PM


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#5162465 Attention All Photoshoppers - Bladesman Culture Edition

Posted by alanharper on 18 February 2014 - 01:34 AM


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#5842578 Sheffield Wednesday fan banned for three years

Posted by Halfway-owl on 09 February 2015 - 12:26 PM

I wonder if hes thought about a peeling.
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#5920912 Picked up Sergio Bus Today

Posted by TaxiMark on 20 March 2015 - 12:32 AM

It's getting a habit this innit?


Picked up from the training ground, anyway he's nice guy, down to earth etc... said he hopes to make the bench v Rotherham, another player who seems to really like Stuart Gray as well.


Said a few interesting things to me as well, reckons that loads of players will be leaving in the summer (contracts ending) and he reckons there will be loads of new faces coming here as well, he also said the he's heard the stadium is to be improved, now as to what scale I'm not sure but got some really good positive vibes from him today about the future of this club and he certainly seems to be looking forward to it.


Anyway he's a thumbs up for Owlstalk  



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Posted by trevdi9 on 19 July 2013 - 08:30 PM


Due to the epic sales of my last painting where you All set a new preference in helping boost the smile fund coffers,(thank you all who purchased)I have decided to release another painting to keep the series going,.and Hopefully help more kids and adults to visit our illustrious ground ,

this preview is designed for the purpose of gauging opinion as i have had numerous requests and e-mails asking when the next installment is due ,

please note this isn't an order thread,it's what it says on the tin :biggrin:


Fingers crossed  you like it enough for us to start the ball rolling so to speak .Hope so as many enjoyed there day at the ground by courtesy of you lot ,here you go then and thanks for bearing with me on this


Uploaded with ImageShack.us






Best regards

Trev ,

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#5284338 Johnny Eales message to the Owls fans after Saturdays song

Posted by @owlstalk on 22 April 2014 - 06:00 PM

Johnny Eales.jpg

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#5162100 Attention All Photoshoppers - Bladesman Culture Edition

Posted by Professor Erno on 17 February 2014 - 09:48 PM

she's back ...

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#3567974 THAT Reda Tackle.......

Posted by Miffed on 26 March 2012 - 08:08 PM

Wasn't that bad, was it ?

reda tackle.jpg




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#5311183 concerning kevin(intercity owl) , please read ,

Posted by trevdi9 on 09 May 2014 - 12:40 AM

Hi all,
having read the news about Kevin ,I have thought long and hard and reached a decision ,
As of now I have a new picture on sale , the proceeds were for myself and Diane to go on holiday ,
Which was a wonderfull gesture by the people on owlstalk, and greatfully appreciated by my self and Diane
But what has sadly happened to Kevin and his family has made me think that (and I hope I don't offend anyone with this )the funds raised by this print , could be more usefull for Kevin's family in this hour of need ,please bear in mind that I am not abusing your generosity by doing this as I can do another for sale at a later date for our Holiday if that is acceptable ,kevin by all accounts was a great chap and his family must be distraught at this sad time , so I would like with your permission to use the proceeds of the print to help kevs family in their hour of need ,

please don't be offended if you have bought the print,

best regards
to you all
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Posted by trevdi9 on 20 May 2014 - 03:11 PM

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#5419780 Zeefuik

Posted by alanharper on 14 July 2014 - 09:49 AM

What Zeefuik?

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#5163307 Attention All Photoshoppers - Bladesman Culture Edition

Posted by punkassmofo on 18 February 2014 - 03:47 PM

Last one from me, dirty little fisting piggy

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#5833440 just met milan

Posted by spowowl on 05 February 2015 - 11:38 AM

just been to the station to see my wife off she.s off to Cardiff to see my daughter. I look to my left standing there is milan. I shook his hand and said thanks for everything you have done for Wednesday he said its a pleasure and there isn.t a nicer set of people in the country what an absolute gentleman i.m gonna miss him.  made my day that did wawaw uto

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#5228521 Happy 125th Birthday Sheffield United 22/3/2014

Posted by dunsbyowl on 21 March 2014 - 09:46 PM

(Getting Up early for Donny - for tomorrow!)


125 Years in Our Shadow  #OLDERBIGGERBETTER


Give them credit – the Blunts have done well getting this far.  Lovely Fans that they have :








A Football club formed by Sheffield United Cricket Club – to raise much needed revenue BECAUSE The Famous Old Wednesday Club had developed, and moved to,  Olive Grove after decades of playing and SUCC creaming off  income from important matches at Bramall Lane.










Without them life would have been SO dull.  The likes of Sheffield FC & Heeley FC just didn’t do it.


They could even come up with original Nickname – Wednesday had been called The Blades for years – with a lack of imagination they couldn’t come up with anything original and for years were known as the “Junior” Blades acknowledging their status as Wednesday’s upstart noisy neighbours.




As it turned out they could not even get going without stealing a number of Wednesday players.


William Mosforth




We all know THEY are the Pigs acknowledged in one other THEIR programmes from the 1960s






But we must be thankful.  Without Sheffield’s Bottlers  we wouldn’t have enjoyed some rare old battles during the years
















Carlton puts them straight :






Boxing Day 1979






The return match in 1980 with Curran’s wonder goal :




The FA Cup Semi Final & Waddle’s utterly amazing free kick :






The wonderful 1990 Derby Double :




Not forgetting Wednesday’s 2012 Promotion season - #MINDTHE GAP






How many points ahead and games in hand??????????????












Not forgetting the contribution made by our Danny Boy!






Heres to another 125 !







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#5565380 Life is complete

Posted by Liam_Baggies on 17 September 2014 - 10:02 AM

I've seen a Wednesday victory!!


Thought it were a good win in the end, performance was a bit iffy but its the result that matters and thankfully 'we've' managed to grab a couple of goals which on the balance of play in the second half, 'we' probably deserved it.


Have to say though, that first half was garbage. Irvine-esque. Didn't win any of the second balls and Blues got in behind the back four too often. Thankfully, Loovens and Lees were on hand to clear up any danger. I have to say, absolutely love these two - proper centre halves and Lees is a much better footballer than I thought. Both were colossus.


Second half was much better, won a lot of the 2nd balls and played with a bit more of a purpose. Maghoma I thought looked much better in the middle when Coke was dragged off and 'we' actually got the ball to Nuhiu and May a lot quicker.


Got to give Gray and his coaching staff credit. You're lucky that as a bunch of supporters you have a coaching staff and group of players that will run through bricks walls for the club - and most importantly, they're picking up results too. Support 'em, get behind 'em, cos they're doing you lot proud at the moment.


Anyway, I'm off to revert back to a life of depression.

Up the Owls.




(By the time I had stopped cheering and got my phone out, the players had started to bugger off)!

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#5306979 The Academy

Posted by Grandad on 06 May 2014 - 04:03 PM

The Academy is a fairly regular topic for discussion on Owlstalk, and quite recently there was the criticism from the poster who was claiming his lad had regularly been overlooked and yet United had picked him up - so when I saw Dean Ramsdale the head of our Academy at the recent Foundation event I got chatting - and he invited me down to go through things in more detail. Ive been down there this afternoon, and I will summarise what we discussed below. 


Before I do can I just say that what I'm writing here is my personal recollection of our meeting, and also take the time to thank Dean for 90 minutes of his time this afternoon in what was a very enlightening discussion.




SWFC has a category 2 academy. When Dean joined the club it had been subjected to an interim audit and it was at Level 4 status - the lowest status afforded to academies throughout the UK.  In the past there were Academies and Centres of Excellence - there are no longer Centres of Excellence and most of those are now Category 3/4 academies.


In England there are around 15 Category 1, and 20 Category 2 academies. Locally Sheffield United and Barnsley are both category 2, the nearest others are at Derby and Nottingham Forest going South, and Leeds in the North. Most academies in the North West are either Category 1 or 3.  This means we are definitely at an advantage when Category 1 academies release players - especially given our links with Man City. This summer we have signed 4 Man City players released from their own academy. When they are released, they don't command a fee.


The EPPP (Elite Player Performance Programme) now dictates how all academies at the various categories are run - and how much money has to be invested by the various clubs in order to attract the grant funding provided by the Premier League.  The finances surround the EPPP programme are all in the public domain - here - http://en.wikipedia....erformance_Plan


Basically - any club (not just the elite) can attract other players to their own academies - but not without compensation being paid to the Academy that is losing the registration. So - for example - if my son was 16, he had been with the Wednesday Academy since he was 9, he would have 7 years service, and therefore Wednesday would receive a minimum of £109,000 for him. Thats worked out at 3 years at £3k each for years 9-11, and 4 years at £25k each. That is because we are a category 2 academy. If we were a Category 3 Academy that payment would be £69,000. Additionally, should he begin to make first team appearances Wednesday would be compensated again.10 games in the Premier League would net us an additional £150k, with another £150k for every 10 games until he's achieved 60 appearances, with another £100k for each 10 appearances right through to 100 games.


Total for producing a Premiership player who is snatched away at 16 years old - £1.3m in appearance money plus the £109k in compensation.


Obviously thats still not a brilliant deal - £1.5m is very cheap for producing a Premiership player - but the Premier League clubs do take a risk in signing them up.


The appearances aren't racked up when a player is out on loan - and this prevents clubs from buying up all the talent and loaning them out (a la Barkley I suppose) in order to reduce compensation to the clubs who lost the player they trained.


Obviously the system can be abused somewhat - but I get the feeling the clubs in the Football League weren't offered much of a choice by the Premier League. 


Additionally compensation will also be paid to us should the player be transferred with an accompanying fee before their 23rd birthday - at 20% of the fee (less the items referred to above).  Again any fees associated with loan deals also attract a compensation element.  Additionally we will be compensated at 5% of ALL subsequent fees generated from transfers for the players career.




Bear in mind all of the above relates to just one player. Our academy currently has approximately 120 players on the books.  The Academy costs the club approx £490k per year, and attracts an additional £490k in grant funding from the Premier League.



With regards specifically our own academy - when Dean joined the club our Academy structure was under funded. Dave Jones brought him in with the intention to restructure everything, and DJ's long term vision was for the Academy to retain the current Middlewood Rd training ground, with the senior players relocated to the old Bank recreation ground up at Dore. His vision was for the training dome to be replaced with housing for recruits to the Academy who lived outside the current 1.5hour exclusion zone (we can't take players who live more than 1.5 hours away).  The Academy artificial pitches also require additional funding to bring them up to the required level.


We've gone from an Academy staff of 'one man and his dog' to 20 full time staff and a similar amount of part time coaches. When I asked if they were all on holiday now the season had finished he laughed - apparently we have scouts at 26 tournaments this weekend watching players.


Deans team have made a specific effort to attract talent from the 7-9 age group - as these players can be picked up and nurtured from a very early age where they don't attract a fee. With this in mind it really is a long term plan with regards to developing a team of our own recruits - but he points to some successes already in players playing well above their perceived level. The manager decides as and when they are ready for first team action.


The club has developed (along with all clubs in the football league) a club charter which includes a 'Wednesday Way' of playing - and this is communicated throughout the club structure from first team to U9's. Set pieces conform - meaning a player like Jack Stobbs can play for the first team potentially straight from the U14's and know exactly what to expect when a player sets up for a corner in a certain way.  Coaches are recruited for the way they can fit into this style of play - and presumably managers too.


Dean can't for the life of him understand how parents of kids who are Wednesday fans allow their kids to go and play for United any more. He was brought up with Burnley and their parents would rather their kids didn't play football at all than play for Blackburn. We have an Academy now that is the same Category as Uniteds (and that is independently assessed), the coaches are different, everything is different, there is a defined path to progression from Academy to first team, there really is no reason for any Wednesday fan to take his kid to Shirecliffe.  (I share that view) In the old days I took my own lad to Shirecliffe for goalkeeping training because Wednesday didn't provide it.




As the meeting was coming to an end Neil Thompson joined us. Neil was at the Leeds Academy for 7 years and during that time he was responsible for developing £42m worth of sales of their young talent. While that level of sales would not be possible under EPPP - it is still more than viable for that talent to be produced and play in our first team. Not ALL players will be developed and move on - as they will see there is a much better chance of them progressing to the first team with Wednesday than Man United. 


First team appearances really add to a players value in future years. Look at Liam Palmer. And of course we all know Harry McGuire is worth £200 million - and hes playing in the 3rd division...




Off the top of my head thats pretty much what was discussed - if I remember any more I will happily add to this. Hope you found it informative - and hopefully it will allay some of your fears that all of our players can move on and we will only ever see £130k for them.

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