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  2. Silent bouncing would be amazing. And, as a bonus, oddly sinister.
  3. Right bud install bluestacks on your PC and open it. You need to download the mobdro app to your PC it will be an apk file. I'm sure you have the option to add/open file via bluestacks app (been a while since I've used it) just find the Mobdro app and click open it will install as if it's on an android device. If your still stuck let me know what options you have available once bluestacks is open.
  4. Great stuff again Ryan. Thanks. The scary thing is just how strong Newcastle and Brighton are so far. They are both way above the average needed to get an auto spot.
  5. Well if he will do it for the fun so we dont actually have to pay him, then we should definitely be in for him!
  6. The city would still be ours.
  7. Great news! Sam Winnall much better option. 2/3 years out of Prem for Villa with the cost of signings they've been making and they'll be propa fooked
  8. Didn't Leicester consider going back to Leicester Fosse or similar. Would be very different even if it was just for the one season.Can't see it happening though.
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  10. Is this the same Brighton who finished 15 points better off than us last season, or is there some other 'Brighton' we should be competing on a level playing field with? You two are seriously suggesting we should be fighting toe-to-toe with them this season based on the fact we beat them in the play-offs? Despite how it may look like from subjective opinions of our performances, we clearly have improved from last year. Unfortunately so have Brighton (reminder: a team who were already way more consistent than us). From the looks of that graph with Brighton and Newcastle on it the top 2 this year are also performing way higher than in previous years too. Probably also Carlos' fault though.
  11. I"d love to go back to the Wednesday. It'd put an end to people calling us Sheffield.
  12. Cheers, might just go in to Brighton then as was hoping parking at Lewes would make train easier.
  13. aye, maybe we need to rename the city afterwards
  14. Has Joao lost another tooth?
  15. would love one about Jump the village near "Tarn" and no Pointer Sisters jokes either thanx
  16. Who?
  17. well spotted Ron
  18. JR scores goals, we struggle. Resaon enough for me if the price is right
  19. The first two are Ozzie and Barney's numbers
  20. am unsure whether we put all eggs in one basket ie Rhodes poss get Hourihan +more to strengthen for same price - IF we buying that is refer to original thread - maybe delete the words "of jordan rhodes signing" now that's journo headlines "Villa on the brink"
  21. Yes, a few times. Works well getting there, but horrendous queues at Falmer station at end of match. Joined in the chants of "we can see you sneaking out" a couple of years ago, only to find out why they did it.... Station car park is expensive, and nearby on road parking in Lewes very crammed. Best bet I think is car park near Harveys brewery to east of Lewes. I took bus back to Lewes last time, and was quicker than waiting for train.
  22. #18 & #67 plus skipper wears #150 next season
  23. hope you got caught by School Bobby Paul - good story/memories tho mate
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