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  3. Love to see us play 3 at the back, Lees, Hutch and someone like Hanley. Sasso and Loovens as back up.
  4. Sasso's goals conceded vs minutes played record suggests otherwise IMO. Scoring a brace against a terrible Blackburn side doesn't change that. If Dielna, Urby, Sougou, Sasso or Lachman weren't up to the standard required here, I'm pleased that they are being released, rather than using up the club's wages. Quite simple really.
  5. Flip flippingFulham
  6. I like the lad. As others have alluded to, he players the ball out quicker from the back the other two and his willingness to drive into midfield with the ball creates a "go to him or stay with your man?" Quandary for the opposition. Couple of wee wee tail ups, but who doesn't drop a rick now and again. Coming into a promotion changing team at the drop of a hat when not getting any regular football to retain sharpness because of the dissolution of reserve team football isn't easy for any player. Well worth signing back on. Still need another centre half though in that department and have done for some time IMO
  7. That really was shocking radio wasn't it? Cundy going on about what a nice bloke Hughton was like that gives them some special right to win.
  8. Be happy to see Sasso retained viz RCB Sasso CB Lees LCB New
  9. Jackson Irvine and Jota would be awesome signings. I reckon they would improve us. I'd be very happy with either or both. But if we can't get Jota, I would like us to look at someone like Tom Lawrence or a young top flight loanee? I think we need to upgrade both of our full back/wing back positions. That area seems a weakness. What we lack is a bit of a pace and we could do with more creativity or better crossing. A solid centre back in the mold of Flint or Manga would be a smart move too. I think we should look into the top flight loanee market for some quality young players. Some of the top players at this level were on loan from the top flight and it could save us some money too. Whoever we do bring in, needs to improve us and then we'd have a good shout at top 2, get the player recruitment right this summer and it could be our year.
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  11. a new HARKES - yesss!!!
  12. He usually doesn't miss a thing.
  13. I miss him already, what a man.
  14. I dunno how much he would cost? But Jota would be an exceptional signing. Just imagine Lee, Jota and Forestieri supplying and linking up with Hooper and Fletcher or Rhodes. We'd just need to upgrade the full backs/wing backs and bring in a solid centre back like Flint or Manga, and we'd have a good shout at top 2 I reckon. We should look for some quality young top flight loanees too.
  15. UTO Jose my friend.
  16. I'm calling 100 page thread minimum.
  17. Think whoever owns it should let him have that banner that used to be up on back of the Kop, Shure it would look great in his garden
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