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  2. It's even more baffling when he's written a book on the virtues of 433
  3. Well no not really. Im talking 'type' as in attributes in a player. We can buy 30 great championship players but if they dont have a good spread of attributes we aren't going to get promoted. There is no question we needed pace and power up top and an attacking full back who doesn't put 9 out of 10 crosses into row z. I take your point on the centre backs, maybe we were just unlucky or dodged a bullet
  4. We are Wednesday fans not Carlos fans. If a better manager comes available I'll trust the chairman to make the right decision. Carlos is merely doing an ok job this season, and if he ends up failing to get top 6 he should definitely be emptied.
  5. No better way than doing it through the play offs but f**k me its a nerve wracking 3 games
  6. Interesting question that, and it can be interpreted in different ways. Supposing your boss told you that your remit is to achieve a top six finish, backs you to the hilt to achieve it, watches several expensive playing commodities being bought then shoved on the sidelines without being used, sees the quality of the product becoming increasingly worse and then, after all of that, you still fail to meet your initial target, would you be surprised if your boss thought it was time for a change?
  7. Well said that man, I don't think I've seen a positive post from him/her yet
  8. The substitutions did it for me today, that game was screaming out for Winnall to come on. We went backwards after the changes
  9. I don't care if you renew your season ticket or not. Neither does anyone else including Carlos or Chansiri because your views are those of a reactionary spoilt child. We're not in 7th are we? We're odds on to finish top 6, and even if we did finish 7th, would you expect to be sacked if you slightly underperformed in your job? yes I would probably unless the players turn on him or there was a very good manager available that would likely do a better job than Carlos. People were shouting for Steve Bruce a few month ago. Great job at Villa he's doing..
  10. A shoestring Leeds squad with zero name buys can galvanize and reel off more wins. Same with Huddersfield and Reading. It feels like our talent level alone gets us in that 6th spot. Why we're not able to maximize and progress further than that is what's concerning.
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  12. Have you been in a coma or supporting Barcelona for the last 20 years?
  13. If Sheffield Wednesday was your child and it had just brought home it's School report it would be a C. Little mister Wednesday has loads of potential but he messes about all morning seeing what the otner kids are doing, sometimes tries a bit harder in the afternoon but sometimes it's a bit late by then. Lovely lad has the potential to do much better. My kid would be getting a kick up the arse I can tell you that. I'm not happy for my kid to coast by on a C when he's a potential A student.
  14. I think Macmanamanaman was about as much use as a full English without harsh browns
  15. This alone should bar you from commenting on anyone else's opinions
  16. I never said that you're floundering because of your flawed logic.
  17. The winning streak flattered our performances.
  18. We generally played with one winger who could beat a man and one who could cross... we don't have that dynamic any more. Or at least carlos does not play that dynamic.
  19. I guess some of us expected the football to improve after spending £20+ million. Stupid maybe, but it's just what some of us expected.
  20. Exactly what I thought when I read his name in this thread title. I thought, sometimes he looks like Waddle in stature, but without the skills, like Peter Rudi.
  21. IF we don't go up, then they've missed their chance to beat us by one season. Whoever is in charge next August cannot and will not have us playing the way we are now and we'll have strengthened even more in midfield and defence. They'll get humiliated next year - IF we get to play them.
  22. According to some on here, we were once almost relegated to the 4th tear, so if we're doing better than that now, we should celebrate.
  23. You totally missed my point .
  24. If it was a million years, it still wouldn't be long enough.
  25. How would you say Wednesday's squad compared with that of Leeds, 'Udders and Reading? I'd say favourably. So if those three haven't got better players than us, then the only logical conclusion is that they have better managers. QED.
  26. When was the point that you didnt chill out for Irvine & Gray?
  27. One good game in how many though ?
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