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  2. I might given them a call. My Mrs would love a get well message from David Burrows.
  3. If we have let a perfectly good centre half in sasso go , fail to sign Any replacements and then go back to fcukin semedo we may as well all give up . There are freebies up and down the league better than him. Let the semedo obsession go
  4. Potatas bravas.
  5. So we want a physical 6 foot beast. That can put his foot in. that has an engine. And to fit into our team has great technique. Anybody got £20m spare? Unrealistic.
  6. Think back....... the year is 2003 did anyone romanticise their good lady with a love message from our talented midfielder Mr Crane? Maybe you marked the birth of your first born with a greeting to your partner from Trond Soltvedt? Or maybe just when you thought you were in the depths of the flu in the harsh winter of 2003 our flying Finnish goalgetter Shefki Kuqi left a greeting and all was again right with the world? Classic stuff
  7. I have had some good belly laughs on here. This one is the bestest tho.
  8. It's a big fat NO from me (boo boo boo)
  9. 1st draw of season out of the way. Just trying to be positive. UTO
  10. Pasetas
  11. Jose coming back as emergency centre half cover. Get ready.
  12. could be as player coach with the emphasis on coach, plus how the hell else are we gonna sign Ronaldo........ Scroll up you lazy tw*t oh and 1-1
  13. We must be struggling to bring in players is they are considering bringing Semedo back. Great professional but time for him to move on.
  14. There will be big offers coming in on the back of the four year deal rumour.
  15. Salad cream or mayo with that Mr C? UTO
  16. wait why does something from HITC deserve a f*cking topic.............
  17. Wow, there's mention in that interview about Semedo possibly returning to the club. Do we want promotion or not ffs
  18. I don't get it sij. I have disagreements with many on here. ishsb has disagreements with everybody on here. But when he and I disagree with each other you get all worked up. Don't worry. I am the godfather to his first-born and we share the same bible-reading group.
  19. No way we'll get £4.25m for a lad who's played 2 first team games, no matter how much of a prospect he is.
  20. TOP Chinese club Chendung Blades upped the anti now at ............... oh no wait ,
  21. Wednesday
  22. Oh for the love of god.
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