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  2. Don't know how true this is but on DingleTalk one of their fans reckons he's been talking to someone from Villa who's a bit like our Saxondale (finds out about the medicals). Bree & Hourihane were booked for medicals with Villa but both have been cancelled. Managed to find the post from twitter. At first looks it seems like one of the resident twitter idiots who randomly post transfer bobbar. But he doesn't actually seem to get grief from fans & has a decent following so maybe he is accurate. Anyway, Dingles are now pissed at their club if it is true because the fee is lower than we offered.
  3. Hourihane and Lansbury to Villa, Irvine to Derby. That's my prediction.
  4. Wednesday dont do goal scoring midfielders next
  5. Can ye change the light to blue ?
  6. I suppose it helps when their defenders can use their hands
  7. Never seen him play so no idea if he's any good or not. His record suggests he knows where the net is and people seem to suggest he's a good player.
  8. I've heard we've offered more but Barnsley are refusing to sell to us
  9. Just watched a bit of biggsy show thingy. Staton n Mitchell (pig scout fella) on show. biggs hearing we bid 5m. Prob plus add ons mitchell heard Conor goin villa, 85% chance. if he had been told goin for defo it be 100% surely. dont like villa anyway but if they nab these too I'll be angry mad wi em
  10. Goes to show what a brilliant piece of business we did buy bringing him in
  11. Re: Leeds match on Sky I wrote to the Football League and received a response. Having received written complaints from both Newcastle United and Aston Villa who were concerned with Sheffield Wednesday being televised 4 times in 5 weeks. The football league have considered this and have upheld their complaint, therefore Sheffield Wednesday have had the match withdrawn from being televised. To avoid further confusions in the future we have contacted the broadcaster and informed them of which clubs they give priority to when choosing games. This has to be done fairly to ensure that no team can take a financial advantage over teams recently relegated from the Premier League.
  12. Barnsleys top scorer :-)
  13. Think Kivo enjoys doing these.
  14. Just a taster of a player we really should be signing if the club is committed to getting promoted this season.
  15. Yeah we get it. 'Off the bench'. Say it enough times and some will start to believe it!
  16. We need an emoticon of a fishing rod and line with a ferret on the hook. So it was you that brought the odds down just before I got a bet on. Now you are really in my bad books.
  17. It's what I've been saying all window out defence is solid our strike force is not on song. Now I absaloutly believe the way we play this year has contributed to both of those results coupled with our season circumstances until winnal signed hooper was our only natural goal scorer and he's been injured. Nando is good for a few goals but the early season drama, suspensions and a few niggles have not really given him his flo he had last season. I don't think know one ever thought fletcher was going to return 20 plus he's not that type of striker. What I like about having the options of winnal hooper and Rhodes is you would like to think you always have that killer striker in your squad even with suspensions, fatigue, injury and loss of form. That is a huge bonus. I also think we can be less reliant on fletcher he is a very good player but should be used in certain games or certain periods of a game it will be doing him injustice to say he's a improvemt on big dave, but he really is. i didn't realise how many clean sheets Brighton and derby had that's impressive
  18. That's fine, fast forward a week, "Hi Carlos, it's Paul from Barnsley here." "Hello Paul, what can I do for you"? "Villa have nicked half our players, could you loan me a few of your cast offs please"? " No, F*** off". Payback is a *****.
  19. Because that's what the situation is. We want him, he wants us. We are trying to find the right deal. Everyfcker can see that, you don't need to be itk. And regards egg on face, I'm not apologising for putting knackers on line and repeating what a reliable source said. I still believe that wednesday hoped to get a steal on Rhodes and sign him up two weeks ago. It didn't come off, but Single handley I changed the betting markets from 5/1 to 2/1 within 12 hrs of my post! Still time to get a bet on.
  20. How far have we come as fans...we have Hooper and fletcher, we sign winnall and we still want more strikers!!! A few seasons ago we woulda killed for Hooper. Just think what player we could get for 9m in a position we need. For me, another strong CB. Loovens is good, but getting on a bit now.
  21. People can be as critical as they like about our scouting network but they can spot a great head of hair!!!
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