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  2. Westwood - 5 Struggled with wind in first half Palmer - 5 Poor crossing Sasso - 7 Did ok Loovens - 6 Average Reach - 7 Better in second half Wallace - 6 Poor first half better in second Hutch - 6 Had better games Abdi - 8 One of our better players. Bannan - 5 Never goes hiding but not his best position out wide. Forestieri - 9 Outstanding Rhodes - 6 Needs to get involved more. Winnall - 6 McManamam - 8 Got to start him on Saturday Fletcher - 6 Should have scored. The Ref 0 Terrible, crap, get another job you buffoon.
  3. The way we set up at home needs to change, up the tempo and get at the opposites then the supporters will be right behind the team.
  4. I think it was two really bad refereeing decisions which cost us. 1) Penalty for me. But worse, 30 seconds later the ref give Brentford a free kick in midfield for a similar but lesser sort of trip/bundle. This totally pissed off the fans as the ref intended too. 2) I think the build up to their 2nd goal. We were trying to shield the ball and their player sticks a leg around ours and hoofs it out for a goal kick but the ref gives a corner. Even I could see it was a goal kick from ground level in the south stand half way in the Brentford half. These were the two decisions that stitched us up. No complaints about the goals, other than our fault for crap marking
  5. If I moan I moan to myself at the match, I don't abuse the players but encourage very loudly. I don't wait for something to happen before I sing, in fact, I sang along every time with the rest of the Kop last night. I also understand how we set up - to state that people don't understand how we set up is quite arrogant IMHO. I also understand the idea of support having had continuously had a season ticket for nigh on thirty years and attending since the mid-seventies. Leave it out Tom. People should stop accusing their fellow fans of creating no atmosphere. It's down to the tripe that Carlos and the team are serving up. If Carlos wants to employ those tactics then he needs to accept that there is a real risk there will be no atmosphere.
  6. His bannan obsession is beyond a joke. I was shocked he subbed him tbf
  7. Because the fans helped heap pressure on the team and they become even more nervy and indecisive/scrappy when chasing the game
  8. If he's so worried about tiredness , he has our best winger that he refuses to use properly. He also had winnall who only played five mins Saturday and he's bought palmer in. Rubbish excuse , we lost because his stupid park the bus in our own box tactic finally caught us out
  9. Job done in the first half, once he had alienated the fans, which I believe he did on purpose as a wind up, there was only going to be one result. The fans had a go at him, put pressure on the team rather than get behind them and that's when the play start getting scrappy. Still 2 soft goals we conceded from set pieces though ... again
  10. He's talking about tiredness v the opposites not tiredness per se
  11. Has the perpotrator been burnt at the stake yet or is the witch hunt still ongoing?
  12. Today
  13. So party's off then?
  14. It's a results game. Very true statement
  15. He is never the best central midfielder in the division.
  16. I Agree BB should not be on the wing midfield for L**ds should be Macmanaman Hutch Abdi and Fessi BB and Wallace on the bench to come on later if needed
  17. Saw a bloke riding on the bonnet of a car frantically waving his arms in the Wednesdayite carpark. He was shouting something about an 'orange lunatic'. Not sure if it's related to the Op.
  18. When Chansiri arrived he set about addressing the fans' grievances, namely the pitch, the scoreboard and the style of play. Carlos was brought in to entertain, because his natural game is about attack. He says he'd rather win 10-9 than 1-0, and we saw that brand of football last season. The snag is that playing that way doesn't necessarily get a team promoted so now he's trying to play a brand of football which is not his forte. It's a bit like Arsene Wenger trying to play like George Graham. In a way, Carlos' arrival is down to us because of fans' complaints about Gray. Ironically, he'd have been far better suited to the current style of play, and did much better than Carlos relative to the players at his disposal. When we sold Antonio we'd got relegation written all over us, yet he managed to get us into mid-table against all the odds.
  19. if I wanted things to fail I wouldn't travel 400 miles every week to support the team. believe it or not the sun doesn't shine out of Carlos's backside
  20. 4th is still play-offs
  21. Looks like one to me Some are just waiting for things to fail so they can jump straight in with pitchforks. Gi it a rest ffs
  22. Macmanaman to start on the wing against leeds. STOP playing BB on the wing, it is killing us arrrggh!! Drop him unless AA is injured.
  23. Spotted from a distance, a group of teens on bikes, cycling around the gleadless area. Before Christmas, they kicked wing mirrors off cars. After Christmas, they put several car windows through. Keep doing same areas, seem addicted to vandalism. Easy to get their kick and get away on their bikes
  24. Biggest problem is lack of physicality up front. Fletcher and Rhodes could build a good partnership. The ball wasn't sticking what so ever. Also Wallace on the right is the most predictable thing in the league, constantly cutting back over and over giving the opposition time to compose themselves before the cross comes in team should be... westwood hunt loovens sasso (unless lees is fit) pudil Mcmanaman abdi hutchinson forestieri rhodes fletcher
  25. You say Bannan isn't a wide player (and he's not) but he's played on the wing long enough to be judged and it hasn't been good enough.
  26. Bannan is the best central midfield player in this division and just about the worst winger. Carlos will hopefully learn from this otherwise this Chairman won't mess around.
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