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  2. I tend to think that it only applies to certain teams. were they put on a transfer embargo like forest?
  3. Understandable really, and spiteful. I won't blink an eye when a few of their elders go to prison !
  4. Matw if you want a real session on Sunday go to the pug nightclub it's opening at 10:30 and is going to be rocking.
  5. If we paid £10m for Rhodes and valued him at £10m as an asset, would there even be any debt? In terms I can understand - I bought a house for £225,000 and currently owe the bank £167,000 for it. However, it is valued now at £278,000. Surely, I'm not considered £167,000 in debt when I have an asset of £278,000?
  6. Only applies to clubs outside the M25 I think...
  7. Queens Park Rangers are set to avoid a crippling fine from the Football League that relates to the club exceeding financial fair play rules in 2013-14, with the punishment expected to be around a more manageable £8m. The Championship club’s figures for the period in question, which was their promotion season back into the Premier League, showed losses of £9.8m, although the chairman, Tony Fernandes, and the other shareholders wrote off a further £60m in loans. The manner in which they did so raised questions and they have been at the heart of the FFP discussions between the club and the Football League. For QPR the worst-case scenario was that the League did not accept the write-off and applied a fine based on them losing around £70m. The fine would have been one of more than £50m but discussions have been positive from the club’s point of view and they now expect to be docked around £8m. QPR have made a similar sum this summer following Raheem Sterling’s £49m move from Liverpool to Manchester City. Sterling began his career at QPR and when he left for Liverpool – in a deal initially worth £600,000 but potentially rising to £5m – the club negotiated a 20% sell-on clause that related to the profits from any subsequent sale. The details of how many of the add-ons Sterling triggered have not been made public but it is understood QPR received £8.8m after his transfer to City. QPR recorded losses of £65.4m in 2012-13 but they were able to show they reduced their expenditure in 2013-14 by £22m. Fernandes has argued the FFP rules were unfair on QPR, in that it was impossible for them to bring down their overheads to the required levels after their relegation from the Premier League in 2013. The squad have undergone radical surgery after their relegation to the Championship, with a number of high-earning players removed from the payroll. The director of football, Les Ferdinand, has overseen new signings but has refused to pay wages of more than £20,000 a week. Basically spend as much as you want; FA threatens you with a fine. FA "You've been naughty and overspent, what have you got to say about it?' Club 'Sorry' FA ' Well sorry is not good enough, we'll have to fine you and set an example'. Club 'That fine is a lot of money, we'll go broke if we have to pay that' FA ' Ok then, sorry. Well don't do it again'.
  8. Infact I've been in the central ring at Wembley for cup finals twice and I could have drunkenly thrown myself over the ledge if I fancied it there, Shambles of a stadium nearly a billion spent and you can still throw yourself over the edge if you want to!!!!
  9. This thread needed to happen. Finally everyone can chill out
  10. So at St James, Villa Park infact any decent size older stadium that could have happened. Why have a dig at the club for no reason???
  11. what happened to QPR when they went £50 million over FFP, have they been charged over it?
  12. I think / hope you will be proved wrong regarding Rhodes - I think he will be ur top goal scorer this coming season.
  13. Ibrox stadium where Rangers play also has a history or disaster, but the police up there can cope with a minimum 4 Glasgow derbies a season without closing stands why on earth can this not be done here?
  14. The sauce discussion mid way through was quite good
  15. We've not had more than 5,500 in the West Stand (not including North West Corner) for years so where do you get the 7,500 figure from? Rangers if correct have been given 7,000 tickets this year which is an extra 1,500 fans from North of the border if my maths are correct. Maybe the Police feel that they don't want an extra 4000 - 5000 Scottish fans to look after over a weekend as no doubt a lot will come down and have a night out in Sheffield on Saturday too.
  16. The above is utter nonsense! The fact that the stadium has been all-seater for a good number of years means that the crush which sadly happened at the semi-final could not possibly happen again. Whilst I understand that there are structural issues with the North-West corner, the rest of the ground is safe enough to sell all the seats and the ridiculous insistence of SAG / SYP to keep thousands of seats free is preposterous in my view. The club (or Mr Chansiri) need to challenge these decisions as over the coming season there will be a massive loss of income to the club, which of course logically affects our ability to compete on the field.
  17. We may of already signed 10 players ready to surprise PNE on first day of season.
  18. tattershall lakes?i'll join you
  19. Our transfer policy has been shaped around getting us promoted, hence the emphasis on tried and tested at this level, albeit we have not yet achieved our goal. If we had gone down the route of relatively unproven players like Huddersfield last season and still not gone up the moaning would still be the same. The club will always be damned if they do and damned if they don't. The playoff semi was very disappointing but as most sensible fans will acknowledge we aren't very far off being able to challenge for the top 2.
  20. Looking like a bright future ahead.
  21. Bongani Zungu and his giant package he likes to flash are finally here?
  22. I've been fishing, I'm having a wonderful, non-worrying kind of summer.
  23. the quietest ones are the best ones believe me
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